Co-Creation Story

Since its opening in July 2001, the Miraikan has built a wide variety of connections through its 20-year history as a place to consider and discuss the role of science and technology and its future potential. Here we look back on that history through this special video series.

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20 years ago, Odaiba was a barren piece of land covered in weeds. Yet that is where Miraikan began, as a science museum dedicated to the latest cutting edge science and technology…, an approach that had never been done before. Countless individuals contributed and tackled new challenges over the years since then. Here we will describe some of those efforts through interviews with our stakeholders, The first Chief Executive Director Mohri Mamoru, and our staff members.

Miraikan Mind


“We will build a completely new kind of science museum.” Under that initiative from the first Chief Executive Director Mohri Mamoru, Miraikan’s staff were challenged to create a multitude of innovative, fresh activities to present science and technology in an understandable manner to the public. Since its beginning, Miraikan has continued to grow as a an evolving organism subject to constant change.


Sharing the Earth

The Geo-Cosmos is something seen by every visitor to Miraikan. It depicts a true, realistic rendition of our planet as it constantly changes over time. Here we will describe the untold story behind its creation and its many connections.

Communicating about Science and Technology 1

Making things
without form visible

Miraikan focuses on cutting edge science and technology, or in other words, the newest activities that have yet to be realized by the world, including the ideas and processes of researchers. But how can one express these things without form? Here we introduce just a portion of the ingenuity applied by researchers, engineers, and creators to do just that.

Communicating about Science and Technology 2

Science x 〇〇

Food, time, love, design, art, the economy, ghosts, the end of the world: these are but a few of the diverse topics covered in our many special exhibits that communicated a new way to enjoy science and technology. The reactions that resulted from mixing these many elements has served to further expand the potential inherent in Miraikan.

Connecting Science and Technology with Society

A place to contemplate
the future

How should we interact with science and technology as we move forward into the future? This question must be considered by society as a whole. “Science Communicators” are key persons that help to promote that process of consideration and dialogue. Next we introduce a wide variety of field initiatives launched at Miraikan.

A Place for Diverse People to Gather

Together with everyone

People from around the world, and from all walks of life have come to visit Miraikan, from the general public to heads of state. The way each interacted with Miraikan was equally diverse, including to exhibits, the volunteers who staffed them, and those who cooperated in their creation. Scores of people have come together and met through Miraikan, creating an endless stream of new value.