Miraikan Mind


“We will build a completely new kind of science museum.” Under that initiative from the first Chief Executive Director Mohri Mamoru, Miraikan’s staff were challenged to create a multitude of innovative, fresh activities to present science and technology in an understandable manner to the public. Since its beginning, Miraikan has continued to grow as a an evolving organism subject to constant change.

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Over 20 years, Miraikan has carried out a host of activities under the initiative of our the first Chief Executive Director Mohri Mamoru, faithful to his principle of “A place open to all to consider and discuss the role and future potential of science and technology as a form of culture.”

As a museum focused on cutting-edge science and technology with no permanent collection, Miraikan has continued to consider the question of its own role in society, free from the limitations of a traditional definition of a museum.

It is a place of challenge where all exhibits, events, and other activities and content is an experiment, and a place to consider and discuss our unknown future. This stance of creating that which does has yet to exist in society has served as the driving force behind our ability to continually create new values.