Communication Floor(Conference Room)

Viewing Lounge (Restaurant)

Toilets Restaurant
Toilets Dome




  1. 1 Geo-Cosmos
  1. a Symbol Zone
  2. b Special Exhibition Zone
  3. c Lockers
  4. d Museum Shop
  5. e Communication Lobby
  6. f Multipurpose Room a・b
  7. g Entrance
  8. h Ticket Booth
  9. i Underground Parking Entrance

AED (automated external defibrillator): entrance and emergency exits on the 1st floor, elevator halls on the 3rd and 5th floor and Dome Theater lobby on the 7th floor.
* The 1st floor is an atrium that spans the 1st to 2nd floors (1st to 6th floors in the Symbol Zone). The 3rd floor is an atrium that spans the 3rd to 4th floors.

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