Chief Executive Director

Asakawa Chieko, Ph. D.

Miraikan - The National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation is more than just a place for gaining knowledge of the latest science and technology, it’s also a platform for people to create a better future together.

We are on the verge of a new society, thanks to the evolution of sciences such as artificial intelligence (AI) and biotechnology. Yet, global issues, including human-made climate change, are increasing in severity. If all we do is simply to accept the convenience that science and technology brings, a better future would not come.

At the platform known as Miraikan, many people will be able to form bonds that transcend social statuses or locations. Here people will be able to experience a wide variety of ideas, and realize there are actions that each person can do as well. Our hope is that each individual will then begin to take real steps to create new, innovative ideas to create a better future.

With this in mind, we treasure diversity and inclusion as important concepts, and actively provide a multitude of scientific communication activities. Let us, together, create a better future.

Executive Directors

Ito Yoichi

Miraikan aims to be a platform where a wide range of people come together to create a better future. What kind of future do you want for yourself, for society, for the Earth? And how can leading-edge science and technology contribute to the realization of those futures? At this museum, in addition to state-of-the-art science and technology, we’ll also introduce you to researchers and others who are working to realize a variety of different possible futures. So you’re sure to find tips on how to achieve the future you envision. We look forward to your visit!

Takagi Hironobu, Ph. D.

Science and technology are essential in creating a society in which everyone can play an active role. Without that, it is not possible to realize a society where everyone can participate and demonstrate their full abilities, no matter their location or status. This does not mean, however, that we can simply entrust scientists and researchers with the creation of a future society in which everyone can live comfortably. Such a society can only be realized if each of us experiences, imagines, raise our voices, and take action.

At Miraikan, we provide a place to create just that kind of participatory future. The entire museum is an exhibition of the future. We want to share a space where everyone can experience a range of possible futures for themselves, from bright futures to futures we must avoid, utilizing partnerships with businesses, academia, and more, and working day and night to continually update these experiences. We look forward to creating the future together with you, and look forward to seeing you here.


Sakaki Hiroyuki, Ph. D.

Human beings have thrived over millions of years by creating and using various tools to secure food, clothing and shelter. Through these efforts, we, human beings, discovered methods of making metal wares and also the universal laws of the motion of objects; these discoveries led to the invention of the steam engine, railways and so on, giving birth to the modern society. Then we created electrical technology and science, and, in later stages, unraveled the core physics of photons, electrons and atoms. On the basis of these findings, drastic advances have been made in various fields, such as materials science, power engineering, and information-and-communications technology. Moreover, since the discovery of DNA structures in the mid-twentieth century, mysteries of living organisms have been unlocked, resulting in the transformation of medical sciences.

Although these advances in science and technology have allowed a large portion of people to enjoy affluent life, they have created serious problems such as the depletion of fossil fuels and global warming. While advances in transportation have greatly facilitated the movement of goods and people, they have also invited the spread of diseases such as COVID19. Moreover, the smooth flow of information enabled by the internet has led to such issues as internet addiction and abuse.

By getting the advice and support from frontline researchers, we, the Miraikan, keep constant efforts to offer opportunities and materials to help visitors easily grasp the course of progress in science and technology which human beings have made through creativity and ingenuity; we also help visitors envision the direction and possibilities of future evolution of science and technology. Furthermore, we offer opportunities to understand major issues that the world is confronted with, and hints to examine what measures human beings should take to make the 21 century a better age for the Globe.

Nowadays, electronic access to a vast amount of information through the internet has become powerful. We, Miraikan, are improving our on-line delivery of information. We believe, however, that visiting Miraikan and spending hours to see and directly experience exhibits and the actual work up close, while having dialogue with science communicators and/or companions, will enable visitors to get something that cannot be learned from the internet; we are confident that visitors will acquire deeper understanding of science and technology and balanced thoughts on the future of humanity. We sincerely wish that you will visit Miraikan and enjoy a fruitful time.