Outline of exhibition

See the Earth in a fresh, even more real way.
The Geo-Cosmos: Reborn after 11 years.

11 years since its debut, the Geo-Cosmos takes its next step forward. The smooth panel layout remains, but the existing organic LEDs have been upgraded to 10,362 of the latest LED panels. This technology creates a fresh, even more realistic vision of the Earth. The HDR (High Dynamic Range) panels and wider color gamut deliver richer, deeper color and light expression, and the doubled framerate enables a much smoother impression of motion. Look forward to beautiful depictions of the clouds drifting around the Earth, as well as new content to come. Come and experience the new Geo-Cosmos for yourself.
1~5F (Discover your Earth)

Highlights and details 


Our revamped cloud imagery showcasing the vibrant color changes of the seasons

Among the brilliant imagery of the Geo-Cosmos, the intricate clouds are a particular standout. The cloud imagery has also been upgraded to now incorporate photo data supplied daily by weather satellites, creating an incredibly detailed experience of the Earth’s changing appearance. Furthermore, dividing the base map background Earth image into multiple sections enables rich expressions of seasonal color changes, including polar ice and vegetation.


"Up Close with New Geo-Cosmos!"

For this maintenance, the 6-meter-diameter Geo-Cosmos was lowered from a height of about 12 meters to the ground, and the replacement of 10,362 panels and wiring work were all done by hand. This maintenance took about a total of six months. Plus, the usually unseen images of the inside of the Geo-Cosmos are included.

Permanent Exhibition | Discover your Earth