Outline of exhibition

The Geo-Cosmos is a “globe-like display” made using organic LED panels. Looking at these images of clouds that have been taken from satellites, you are able to observe the everchanging Earth, while still being on our planet.

The Geo-Cosmos -- the world’s first spherical display made using organic electroluminescent (EL) panels -- presents a realistic view of the Earth shining brilliantly in space with a high resolution that exceeds 10 million pixels. The image of clouds floating on the screen reflects data photographed by meteorological satellites and input into the system daily. Thus, visitors see the constantly changing aspects of the Earth while remaining on the ground.

1~5F (Discover your Earth)

*The Geo-Cosmos is temporarily closed from Tuesday, October 5, 2021 for maintenance. While the display is closed, visitors are not able to view or use the Geo-Cosmos, the Geo-Prism, the Symbol Zone, or the Oval Bridge. We thank you for your understanding, and apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.
Notification regarding the temporary closure of the Geo-Cosmos (From Tuesday, October 5, 2021)


This project involves collecting scientific information about the Earth, and presenting and communicating the information in a visual manner.


Permanent Exhibition | Discover your Earth