Miraikan Vision 2030

At Miraikan,
together with you, we
“Open the Future”

“The world in flux, and the future uncertain”
What is the role of a science museum?

We share the latest science, technology, and knowledge,
then transcend that to create, with you, a better future.

Each voice, each action changes the world, and builds our future,
for example, to the Moon, to Mars, a 100-year life span,
smarter people, robots, and cities, and a beautiful Earth forever.
Such a dreamlike future only exists with your involvement.

Miraikan will develop to be where all humans,
from different places, with different perspectives
connect, become excited, and pioneer the future.

In the next 10 years, Miraikan will exceed the museum concept.

The time is now. Let’s get started, together!

Five initiatives to achieve Miraikan's Vision 2030

We will bring together diverse people and utilize cutting-edge science and technology to make a future that each of us envisions come true. In order to become such a "platform for creating the future," we will work on the following five initiatives.

1. Envisioning People's Future

We will develop science communication activities such as exhibitions and events to encourage people to think about the future as their own. Our starting points will be the four themes of 'Life,' 'Society,' 'Earth,' and 'Frontier,' which explore the future, brought about by advanced science and technology.

2. Shaping the Future

In addition to exhibitions and events, visitors at Miraikan can experience cutting-edge research and development, and demonstration experiments for future society. Our aim is to become a 'testing ground for the future society' by promoting collaboration and co-creation with various stakeholders, including researchers, companies, and local governments.

3. Creating Together

We aim to create a system that allows people from all walks of life to connect and participate in creating the future. We do this through our membership program and digital platforms such as apps and the web. By building an ongoing relationship with Miraikan, we hope to promote proactive engagement.

4. Cultivating Future Creators

Science communicators have the role of 'People who Create the Future' by fostering interest in science and technology through explanations and dialogues. They also coordinate demonstration experiments and problem-solving activities where stakeholders from a variety of backgrounds can gather and co-create.

5. Sustainability and Accessibility

We believe it is our social responsibility to reduce our environmental impact and improve accessibility. Additionally, we will actively experiment with new technologies to promote innovative practices. As a role model museum, we aim to contribute to society by practicing, communicating, and disseminating our activities in both areas.

Symbol mark

Miraikan シンボルマーク

The symbol mark is made of a circle inscribed with arcs. This suggests an image of satellites orbiting the globe, cell division, various terrestrial networks (people and peple, information) and the motion of electrons.


Mirai can_! LOGO

Mirai can_!
The future is ours to fulfill.

This is our slogan to become a place that gathers the many futures, dreamed by many people, and transform those dreams into reality, through the help of an all inclusive, diverse group of people. The blank that follows “Mirai can” represents our hope that you will imagine the future you want to achieve.

Miraikan Co-Creation Story

Since its opening in July 2001, the Miraikan has built a wide variety of connections through its 20-year history as a place to consider and discuss the role of science and technology and its future potential. Here we look back on that history through this special video series.

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