Miraikan Vision 2030

At Miraikan, together with you, we “Open the Future”

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Activities - Three Pillars

  1. Science Communication

  2. Development of Science Communicators

  3. Creating Connections

Science Communication

Miraikan highlights cutting-edge science and technology as "new knowledge and innovation" through various methods, such as permanent and special exhibitions, talk sessions, experimental classes, on the web, through publications, and videos. To arouse the interest of the general public, Miraikan is developing methods of expression and communication to present the information in an easy-to-understand manner.

Development of Science Communicators

Miraikan trains Science Communicators internally and externally through a unique human development system based on practical science communication activities. At Miraikan, Science Communicators are appointed on a fixed-term system for a maximum of five years. During their terms as Science Communicators, they engage in science communication activities, including providing explanations of exhibits on the exhibition floor, and planning events and exhibitions.

At the end of their terms, armed with their experience as Science Communicators, these knowledgeable personnel take up jobs in research institutes, universities, science museums and other museums, corporations, and educational institutions.

Creating Connections

This network includes researchers, engineers, the media, volunteers, Member's Club, museum visitors, government offices, schools, science museums in Japan and around the world, and industries. Miraikan views these relationships as multi-dimensional linking Miraikan's activities to all society, and continues to strengthen its connections with these eight stakeholders. Miraikan approaches these people and organizations and engages with them in its projects and activities. Through such engagement, Miraikan creates links between cutting edge science and technology and the general public.

Symbol mark

Miraikan シンボルマーク

The symbol mark is made of a circle inscribed with arcs. This suggests an image of satellites orbiting the globe, cell division, various terrestrial networks (people and peple, information) and the motion of electrons.

Miraikan Co-Creation Story

Since its opening in July 2001, the Miraikan has built a wide variety of connections through its 20-year history as a place to consider and discuss the role of science and technology and its future potential. Here we look back on that history through this special video series.

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