Program Showing

『INHERIT ~Dream and Challenge in HAYABUSA2~』

This full-dome film was created on the themes of the Hayabusa2 asteroid spacecraft as well as the legacy of enduring craftsmanship. The Hayabusa2 aimed - for the first time ever - to excavate sub-surface material from an asteroid. This program uses powerful CG video to convey the passion of the development team and their dreams of space for the future, creating a majestic audio-visual spectacle. Depending on the screening, the narration will be given by either Sasaki Kuranosuke or Sakurai Takahiro.
(Run Time: Approx. 30 min. Screened in 2D)
*Offered in Japanese.
*An English audio system can be used

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『INHERIT ~Dream and Challenge in HAYABUSA2~』

Program Schedule


time   Program Showing
10:20 【3D】 BIRTHDAY
11:20 【2D】 INHERIT (Sasaki Kuranosuke ver.) *1
13:20 【3D】 BIRTHDAY
14:20 【2D】 INHERIT (Sakurai Takahiro ver.)
15:20 【3D】 The Man from the 9 Dimensions
16:20 【2D】 BIRTHDAY *2

*1 Japanese subtitles for the narration will be displayed on Thursdays only.
*2 Japanese subtitles for the narration will be displayed.

weekends and public holidays

time   Program Showing
10:20 【3D】 BIRTHDAY
11:20 【2D】 INHERIT (Sasaki Kuranosuke ver.)
12:20 【3D】 The Man from the 9 Dimensions *2
13:20 【3D】 BIRTHDAY
14:20 【2D】 INHERIT (Sakurai Takahiro ver.)
15:20 【3D】 The Man from the 9 Dimensions
16:20 【2D】 BIRTHDAY *2

*2 Japanese subtitles for the narration will be displayed.


Permanent Exhibitions + Dome Theater
940 yen

Child (up to age 18)
310 yen

Preschool child
100 yen
  • Those visiting the Dome Theater may also visit the permanent exhibitions.
  • Admission is 100 yen for children (up to the age of 18) on Saturdays.
  • If viewing more than one film at the Dome Theater per day, each additional session is 310 yen for adults and 100 yen for children (schoolchildren and those up to the age of 18).
  • Admission is free for holders of a disability certificate, and for their companion (one per certificate holder). The disability certificate app Mirairo ID is also accepted.
  • Entry is free for infants who will be seated on a caregiver's lap.

Viewing Shows

  • Entry
    • All seating is pre-designated at the Dome Theatre. Please make a reservation in advance.
    • Entry begins 10 minutes prior to the start of each show.
    • Entry is not possible once the show begins.
    • Please ensure you arrive at the entry to the theatre on the 6th floor ahead of time.
  • Information of the seat layout
    The seating chart of the Dome Theater

    There are stairs, so please watch your steps. You can check the details from the link below.
    Google street view外部サイトへ移動します

  • Audio guide rental
    • English and sub-audio for visitors with impaired vision (Japanese) are available for free. Please let us know when you enter the theater if you wish to use. The number of audio guide is limited.
  • The following is forbidden in the theatre:
    • Eating (including confectionary and chewing gum etc.)
    • Taking photos, videos, or sound recordings.
    • The use of items that emit noise or light.
    • Exiting or entering the theatre during the screening, or moving between seats.
    • Large items of personal luggage or stroller may not be brought into the theatre (please use the lockers or push chair storage area).
    Any customers who cause a disturbance to those around them may be asked to leave.
  • Please note
    In the theater, our equipment and films have the following characteristics. Take care if you have young children with you or if you are sensitive to sound or light.
    • Films feature surprising turns, flashing and sudden cuts, as well as loud noises.
    • On our spherical screen, the picture can appear distorted, causing visually-induced motion sickness in some people. If this happens to you, please close your eyes to avoid looking at the image.
    • In our 3D sessions, 3D glasses are provided. If you wear your prescription glasses under our 3D glasses, they may not fit you due to variation among individuals.
The 3D glasses used at the Dome Theater

How to book

Click on the button below to make your booking. The booking/purchase period begins 7 days before your session and ends 15 minutes before the start of the session. Seats are limited. Thank you for your understanding.
*At the ticket booth, tickets are only sold on the day of visiting as available.

  • Payments can only be made using credit cards (VISA/Mastercard/JCB/AMEX/Diners).
  • Tickets for a maximum of seven seats may be purchased per reservation per screening.

Book/Purchase Tickets

  • Wheelchair seat applicants/Person with a disability certificate holder
    • Please make a booking by telephone up to one week before your session, and by 17:00 on the day before your session (unless it is a museum holiday).
    • Tel: +81-3-3570-9151 (Hours: 10:00-17:00 on days Miraikan is open)
    *Two wheelchair seats are available at each session.

Image system

All Sky super high precision 3D image system

A visual experience that allows you to feel the presence of the vibrant atmosphere is made possible by projecting bright and super high definition images with 2 high-intensity 4K RGB laser projectors onto a dome-shaped screen. Enjoy natural and breathtaking imagery in full-dome 3D, with this active shutter 3D system.

Planetarium Projector "MEGASTAR-II cosmos"

It is a projector that projects 10 million fixed stars. Feel a sense of the scale of space through this realistic starry sky.