The Science Communicators of Miraikan come from many backgrounds. Their role is to communicate information and ideas about science and technology in an easy-to-understand manner, and to consider issues such as the state of science and technology and how to build a future, while engaging in dialogue with people from many areas of society.

Main activities of Science Communicators

  1. Engaging in dialogues and conducting demonstrations on the exhibition floors

    Science Communicators engage in dialogue with visitors and conduct talks on the latest topics in the field of science. In addition to communicating knowledge on the exhibition floors, they also engage in in-depth conversations with visitors while, together, thinking about various issues. By listening to views from a wide range of people, SCs gain new insights that are shared with scientists in the field, resulting in the creation of innovative solutions.

  2. Planning and production of exhibitions and events

    Science Communicators tailor cutting-edge science and technology research to fit a permanent exhibition or special exhibition format, in order to create an enjoyable experience for everyone. SCs also organize events where researchers on the forefront of their fields and other experts converse with the general public. SCs also create opportunities for the general public to participate in research and to develop projects.

  3. Collaboration with society, and dissemination of scientific information

    The work of Science Communicators is not confined to the premises of Miraikan. They collaborate with people of all backgrounds from Japan and abroad, create spaces for dialogue and cooperation, and engage in scientific communication activities to contribute to a future society. They also disseminate scientific information through TV and other media appearances, and write articles for publication on the Internet, newspapers, magazines, and blogs.