Admission is free for holders of a physical disability certificate, rehabilitation certificate, or mental disability certificate in compliance with laws and regulations, and for their caregivers (one person per certificate holder). Please show your certificate at the entrance. The entrance fee is free for the permanent exhibition, Dome Theater and special exhibition.

How to book

If you hold a disability certificate and wish to secure a wheelchair seat in the Dome Theater, please make a telephone booking.

(Hours: 10:00-17:00 on days Miraikan is open)

Permanent Exhibitions Admission Tickets

  • You can book your ticket up to 7 days before your arrival at Miraikan and until closing time on the day of your visit.
  • You can also book online. Click the Ticket booking/purchase button below, then select your ticket type ([others] Permanent Ex: ¥0).
  • Sale on an external site (online ticketing site operated by etix Data Farm).
  • If you use the online ticketing service, you will be asked to present a QR code ticket on your smartphone screen (or you can print out the ticket at home and bring it along).

Book/Purchase Tickets

Permanent Exhibitions + Dome Theater Admission Tickets

  • Please make a booking and purchase your ticket by 17:00 on the day before your session (unless it is a museum holiday), and up to one week before your session.
  • Two wheelchair seats are available at each session in the Dome Theater.

Information on Facilities

For wheelchair users

  • Parking spaces for wheelchair users: two spaces in parking lot B1 and B2 each floors.
  • Wheelchair rental service: four wheelchairs available. Please ask staff to use them.
  • Accessible spacious toilets: all toilets except for those established inside the exhibition spaces and the Miraikan Hall
  • Elevator size:
    • Elevators inside the building: width 180 x depth 190 x height 260 cm (Entrance: width 100 x height 240 cm)
    • Elevators for the underground car park: width 140 x depth 135 x height 230 cm (Entrance: width 80 x height 210 cm)
  • Wheelchair accessible seating: Dome Theatre

For wheelchair users

  • Subtitles for videos of the permanent exhibition provided (Not yet available for some videos)

For visitors with impaired vision

  • Braille block: 1st floor, guidance by Braille (in elevators and on the side walls of toilets on the 1st floor)

For visitors with an infant

  • Stroller rental service: 13 strollers available. (Please ask staff to use them.)
  • Nursing room :behind the café on the 5th floor
    • Changing table x 1
    • Bench x 1
    • Waste container for diaper changing x 1
    • Water dispenser for formula

Multi-language services

  • Multi-language labels of the permanent exhibition: Japanese, English
  • Floor Guide: Japanese, English, Chinese, Korean
  • Subtitles for movies of the permanent exhibition: English
  • Audio guide of Dome theater: English
  • Official app for mobile phones "Miraikan Notebook"
    • Audio guide of the permanent exhibition: Japanese, English, Chinese, Korean
    • Model course "Quest": Japanese, English


  • Toilets for ostomates: Five rooms on the 1st floor (One of them is inside the ladies' toilet) , 3rd floor and on the 5th floor. Entrance: width 90 cm, opening and closing of door done manually.
  • Changing table (Adult size): One table is provided on the 1st floor (Outside the exhibition room). Entrance: width 90 cm, opening and closing of the door done manually. Two tables are provided on the 7th floor. (Entrance: width 80 cm, opening and closing of the door done manually.)
  • Urinals with handrails: in all men's toilets

First-aid office

  • Permanently-stationed nurse x 1
  • Bed x 2

Please ask a member of staff if you wish to visit the office.
Note: in case of emergency, we will tell you where the nearest hospital is and call an ambulance.


  • Visitors can enter the facility with their guide dogs, service dogs and hearing assistance dogs.
  • AED (automated external defibrillator): entrance and emergency exits on the 1st floor,
  • Multi-purpose room: 1st floor. Can be used as a space to have lunch and rest. Note: can be reserved prior to the visit but only by groups.
  • Vending machines: 1st floor (outside the building), 7th floor

About the exhibits

The Museum has exhibits that can be enjoyed by people with disabilities.