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However, please note that the aforementioned scope of use does not cover the following cases:

  1. The copyright of contents with sources that are clearly attributed to parties other than Miraikan belongs to the source in question.
  2. Contents related to specific individuals, such as Miraikan staff or speakers/participants of events, cannot be used without prior approval from Miraikan in each instance, in order to protect the publicity rights and right of likeness of individuals.

Prior approval is necessary for the commercial use of contents. Please contact Miraikan using the inquiry form below.

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Prohibited matters

Please refrain from the following acts when using this website.

  1. Acts that infringe on, or are likely to infringe on, the property or privacy of Miraikan or a third party.
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  7. Acts performed for the purposes of sales activities, political activities, and religious activities, or acts performed in preparation for such purposes.
  8. Acts that involve the use or provision of harmful programs such as computer viruses, or which are likely to do so.
  9. Other acts deemed by Miraikan to be inappropriate.


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Miraikan may change or remove the composition, terms of use, URL, and contents of this website without prior notice.

Please note that Miraikan may revise this Site Policy without prior notice.


Links from external sites

It is not necessary to obtain permission to create links to this website. However, Miraikan firmly rejects the act of linking the websites that correspond to the prohibited matters set forth in above. Miraikan also rejects links that display the contents or pages of this website as a part of the contents in the linked page (for example, links that incorporate all or part of a page of this website within a frame).For links to pages other than the landing page, please note that pages may be removed or URLs changed without prior notice.

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There are cases where site visitors are transported from this website to websites managed or operated by other institutions, corporations, or organizations via links or banners. The websites that you are transported to are managed and operated by various other organizations at their own responsibility, and are not managed and operated by Miraikan. It does not suggest that any relationship or connections between the organization in question and Miraikan.

Of the websites of other organizations, Miraikan will confirm the validity of time-limited contents such as events and special exhibitions, during the period of their publication on this website and until the end of the event or special exhibition. However, Miraikan does not guarantee the validity of information on the linked page after the end of the event or special exhibition in question.

Miraikan bears no responsibility for the contents of the linked websites, and for any acts committed by users using information from the contents of these websites. Please comply with the terms of use, etc. of the linked websites when using the contents from these websites.

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Please refer to the Social Media Policy of the Miraikan.

Official Application Terms of Use

Please refer to the terms of use of Official Application "Miraikan Notebook".

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