Miraikan Accessibility Lab.

Research and Development with External Institutions

Aiming to realize an inclusive society where diverse people can shine, this consortium conducts research and development of accessibility technologies with external research institutions.We promote the social implementation of new technologies, such as the “AI Suitcase,” the navigation robot for the visually impaired.


Research Facilities

A research site located in the heart of Miraikan

Research facilities for external project teams engaged in cutting-edge research is located in the premises of Miraikan. Regular events are held to create opportunities for the general public to communicate with researchers, such as tours to the research laboratories.


Opinion Bank

Gathering data on public opinion

Miraikan gathers the opinions of the general public on various issues surrounding science and technology. The views gathered are disseminated to the relevant organizations, contributing to the development of a new foundation for society.


Open Lab

Civic Engagement Research

At the exhibition spaces of Miraikan, researchers in fields such as robotics and human-factors engineering conduct demonstration experiments and studies that are necessary for advancing their research and development work. Through the participation of visitors in such activities, efforts are made to promote research that reflects the views and perspectives of diverse citizens.