Miraikan is a national science museum which was opened in July 2001 within the Tokyo Academic Park based on the "The Basic Plan for Science and Technology." It was born as a center for deepening an understanding of science and technology, and to fulfill Japan's aim of becoming a scientifically and technologically creative nation.


The Basic Law on Science and Technology was enacted.
The Basic Law on Science and Technology was enacted with the purpose to become a scientifically and technologically creative nation by promoting the advancement of science and technology.


The Basic Plan for Science and Technology was formulated.
Based on this, the Basic Plan for Science and Technology was formulated to develop comprehensive and strategic plans.


Decided on the construction of the "Tokyo Academic Park."
Three ministries and agencies*1, the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of International Trade and Industry, and the Science and Technology Agency jointly decided on the construction of the "Tokyo Academic Park" at the center of the Metropolitan Waterfront Subcenter. The Japan Science and Technology Corporation*2 then decided to create a facility for providing scientific and technological information through exhibitions of the latest science and technology, development of exhibition techniques, exchanges among researchers and the like. The result is Miraikan.
*1 In January 2001, after the reorganization of the government ministries, it became two ministries, the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology and the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.
*2 In October 2003, Japan Science and Technology Agency was created.


The study of its exhibition plan and action policies, and the push forward towards the preparation of the museum were initiated.
In order to deliberate about the shape of Miraikan, etc., the Japan Science and Technology Corporation set up the Center for Public Understanding of Science and Technology and the General Supervising Committee. It continued its work on a detailed study of exhibition plans, action policies, etc. The preparation of the museum continued under the Committee's guidance.


Completion of Miraikan.

July 9th

Miraikan opened.


Honorary Membership of Miraikan was established.
It was established to show respect and reward researchers who were awarded with internationally recognized awards such as the Nobel Prize and the Fields Medal through great contributions towards the development of science and technology, while supporting our activities with understanding.


"Miraikan Forum 2010" was held by the International Advisory Board.
The International Advisory Board was established to deliberate on the direction of Miraikan's future activities from an international perspective. At the "Miraikan Forum 2010," the board transmitted "The Miraikan Message" which presented ideas regarding the roles of science museums in attaining the sustainable development of human beings and the direction and role of Miraikan as the world's top-level science museum.


Renewal of the Permanent Exhibition


Science Centre World Summit 2017
Science Centre World Summit 2017


Asakawa Chieko was appointed as the position of the Chief Executive Director.


Material about the outline, exhibitions, activities, facilities, etc. of Miraikan.

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