Miraikan offers inspirational, research-informed science engagement resources. Miraikan offers those resources to teachers and science museums/centres involved in science communication and learning, in the classroom, at home, and at other science museums/centres.

“Panel on COVID-19”

“Facts about Coronavirus Disease 2019, COVID-19 and the Novel Virus.” is a panel exhibition. This panel lists basic scientific facts about infectious diseases, with illustrations, to help you correctly get updated information and news. You will find answers to simple questions such as…”What is the scary part of the “novel” virus?” “What is infection ?” “How can we prevent the spread of the virus?” “What do the test results mean to us?”

“Facts about Coronavirus Disease 2019, COVID-19 and the Novel Virus.”

"AI Map: From Everyone, for Everyone"

Miraikan has organized a Project “Miraikan Focus”, and features one specific topic via exhibitions and events. The topic that we have worked on is “artificial intelligence (AI)”. In this project, we offer opportunities to think of AI-related technology and humanity in an AI-driven society.
One is the “AI Map: From Everyone for Everyone”. In this project, we gathered Japanese citizens’ opinions on the perception of AI technologies through our unique survey system “Opinion Bank”. The survey “Hello! AI World - What do you want to do with artificial intelligence? -” was conducted from February 3 to 24, 2020.

"AI Map: From Everyone, for Everyone"

"Encounter with Earth"

"Encounter with Earth" is learning resources to support teaching and learning in the classroom.These teaching materials consist of combination of an animated movie "Encounter with Earth (Planning, Production, and Copyright: The National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation)" and pre-and-post-learning programs on a theme of a material cycle.

"Encounter with Earth"

SDGs workshop "Steer Towards the Future!"

This workshop is for school students (10-18 years old) to learn how to achieve a sustainable, global society with other countries. Players will be divided into 5 groups (virtual countries), and try to protect their own country, as leaders, from hazardous events related to Climate Change. Players will experience the importance of "Partnerships", which is essential to achieve the SDGs.

"Steer Towards the Future!"


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