Miraikan develops and promotes exhibits and contents that allow visitors to regard Earth from many perspectives, conveys the wide range of “tsunagari” (links/connections/relationships) to the Earth, and promotes science communication activities that help to solve global issues.
In cooperation with researchers and artists in Japan and abroad, scientific information of the Earth is collected, displayed, or screened on the globe-like Geo-Cosmos, the Geo-Scope, the Geo-Palette, and the Geo-Prism, using expressions that resonate with the senses. Furthermore, contents visualized on these systems are shared making Miraikan a hub to receive and disseminate information to help everyone better understand and connect to our Planet of Life, our Earth.

Distribution of content

Content is produced in cooperation with scientists and research institutes in Japan and abroad.Such content is displayed or screened at Miraikan, as well as loaned or provided to science museums and other institutes in, and outside Japan.

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E-Book "Geo-Scope Search for the Earth"

Miraikan has released a free eBook "Geo-Scope: Exploring the Earth" in iBooks Store through which you can access several data and simulations about the Earth environment. This book is an eBook version of Miraikan's permanent exhibit "Geo-Scope", which allows you to explore the Earth seeing it in a new light through a touch panel that can be intuitively operated. You can enjoy the same operating experience of the exhibition at your own device by downloading the content. With 36 contents it provides data covering areas such as seasonal changes in ecology, climate change, etc. collected from domestic and international scientists and research institutes. This eBook allows each person to see the Earth in a new light from their own experience of viewing details according to one's own interest, finding relationship between data, etc.

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Geo-Scope Search for the Earth
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