Outline of exhibition

This system provides realistic interaction with the Earth’s data and simulations. You can watch the Earth’s movement dynamically from all angles.

Utilizing augmented reality (AR) technology, you can experience the Earth’s states in a way not possible just by looking at Geo-Cosmos. Geo-Prism enables visualization of not only the ground but also surroundings by freely overlaying a variety of data on live video from Geo-Cosmos. You can deepen your connection with the Earth via a personal experience with Geo-Cosmos.

1~5F (Discover your Earth)

Highlights and details 

Ocean General Circulation Simulation

Data visualization: Keio University SFC, Wakita Akira Laboratory
Data provided by: Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology (JAMSTEC)

This system implements a simulation of waves movements on Earth utilizing data from the OFES ultrahigh resolution oceanic circulation model calculated by the Earth simulator. It has a zoom-in feature of the entire Earth to sea areas by cities. With changes in viewpoints, you can uncover diverse images of ocean flows that change in a complicated manner due to water temperature, terrain, and other factors.

Global Tweet Timeline

Design, Creative coding: Tanaka You (Rhizomatiks Reserch)
Data collection programming: Tokui Nao (Qosmo)
Data analysis programming: 2bit Ishii (Buffer Renaiss)
powered by twitter

This visualizes words submitted on Twitter worldwide. For example, it lets you observe positioning worldwide for any country and temporal changes in use of words, such “Good morning” and “Thank you,” on a particular day. Data on these words exchanged on the Internet gives an image of activity in the hearts of people living on Earth that is not evident in scientific data.

Permanent Exhibition | Discover your Earth