Outline of exhibition

The Oval Bridge is a walkway that goes around the Geo-Cosmos. From here you can observe the floating Geo-Cosmos from any angle.

This is a circular walkway that surrounds the Geo-Cosmos and links the fifth floor to the third floor. You can gaze at the Geo-Cosmos in space as if from a satellite stroll the walkway. On your walk, enjoy the Geo-Cockpit, the control room for Geo-Cosmos, located at the center of the bridge.

Highlights and details 


The Oval Bridge has various features to assist in observing the Geo-Cosmos.


The glass walls of the Oval Bridge feature photos of the faces of the space explorers who have been to space. Many of them have visited Miraikan from all over the world and some even signed their autographs.

Photo by Kasai Ryu


This location plays music by Jeff Mills, a techno producer and DJ, composed with the concept of linking the universe, Earth, and people. The soundtrack changes slowly depending on the day and time, such as a weekday or weekend day and morning, afternoon, evening, or night.


The sound system on the Oval Bridge is made up of 32 channels and 64 speakers, and is designed so that the sound changes as visitors move forward. In addition, by making use of the reflection of the sound on the glass we can create a strange depth in the direction that visitors are traveling. If you place your ears lower than the height of the handrail glass, you can feel that strange world of sound even more strongly.


The Geo-Cockpit is located halfway down the Oval Bridge. It is the control room for collectively managing various Geo-Tool data, beginning with the Geo-Cosmos. Its design incorporates the concept of transparency and flexibility in open collaborations with partners inside and outside Japan.

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