Outline of exhibition

The Internet has been adopted worldwide, and is part of daily life.
This exhibit expresses the flow of binary information.

The "Hands-On Model of the Internet" exhibit uses white and black balls to visualize how information is delivered over the Internet. A message can be sent from one terminal to another using information packets consisting of 16 white and black balls. Watch how your message moves through the network spinning around in towers that are mechanical equivalents of electronic routers before it reaches its destination terminal.
By sending messages, sounds, or even movements, and actually seeing them delivered to a person on the other side of the network, you can directly experience that the Internet is within understanding, and see it as a communication tool that connects the world.

3F (Create your future)
Picture 1
Recreating the Internet system through a device that resembles a massive pinball machine
Picture 2
White and black balls that represent the two binary numbers, 0 and 1
Picture 3
Encoding and decoding letters, movements and sounds using white and black balls