Outline of exhibition

The tearoom going from zero to one uses the medium of art to explore how human consciousness and society are continuously changing along with the development of science and technology.

Artist: AI + PARTY

GANGU is an artwork based on the concept of toy cars, created together by a human artist and an AI that has intelligence equivalent to a 5-year old child. There are concerns that AI may be a threat to people in the near future, however we may be able to create a future where AI learn more human-like ideas, where we can become friends and play together, and where humans and AI create together as artists.
"GANGU," on display here, is an adorable presence for humans that shows fresh, child-like ideas. The process of creating "GANGU," in collaboration with AI, is also introduced using graphics recording techniques via illustrations drawn on the entire wall.

3F (Create your future)
Inside the gallery
Artwork "GANGU"
AI and human collaborative work drawn on the wall