Outline of exhibition

The tearoom going from zero to one uses the medium of art to explore how human consciousness and society are continuously changing along with the development of science and technology.

The Passage of Ra
Immersive NFT - From ephemeral moment to digital eternity

In this exhibition, you will experience the installation “The Passage of Ra” as an example and introduction to “Ephemeral Tech” – a term coined by the artist duo A.A.Murakami.“Ephemeral Tech” is a concept that explores the intersection of the physical and digital world and how that intangible digital world can manifest in our physical spaces.

Immersed in the tapestry of ancient Egyptian mythology, Ra, the esteemed sun god, personified the dance of life and death. Born with the dawn, Ra traversed our world by day and ventured into the next with the onset of night. Each dawn marked Ra's rebirth, a perpetual echo in the eternal cycle.

This installation, The Passage of Ra, intricately weaves the mythical odyssey of Ra with both tangible and digital fog rings, inviting profound contemplation on the essence of existence. While tangible fog rings materialize fleetingly, existing only to dissipate into nothingness, their digital counterparts emerge in the virtual realm, persisting in an intangible dimension, shielded from the gradual disappearance of time.

Similar to the transient nature of fog rings, our existence is a temporary- a gathering of particles navigating the vastness of space and destined to wane. The artwork prompts reflection on whether our essence will one day find preservation in digital format. Delve into contemplation about the not-so-distant future as you witness the convergence of these dual dimensions, reflecting on the evolving significance of "to exist."

3F (Create your future)
Picture 1
The Passage of Ra
Picture 2
The fog rings move toward the screen.
Picture 3
The digital fog rings head toward the sun.