Outline of exhibition

The tearoom going from zero to one uses the medium of art to explore how human consciousness and society are continuously changing along with the development of science and technology.

The sound of AKIRA
Unknown sounds that color a timeless anime movie.

The 1988 movie ”AKIRA” is considered to be the gold standard of animated films. The movie’s music was composed by Shoji Yamashiro of Geinoh Yamashirogumi. In addition to being a composer, Yamashiro is also a scientist. His achievements in fieldwork around the world (academic research) were utilized throughout the soundscape of “AKIRA” (music, dialog, and sound effects).

We produced a unique sound system for this exhibition that features six speakers designed by Yamashiro to reproduce high-resolution sound, including high frequencies up to 96 kHz. It allows guests to truly feel the powerful soundscape of “AKIRA”.

3F (Create your future)
Picture 1
View of the exhibition hall © 1988 MUSHROOM/ AKIRA PRODUCTION COMMITTEE
Picture 2
Introduction to research by composer Shoji Yamashiro
Picture 3
Introductions to famous sound scenes from the movie "AKIRA" © 1988 MUSHROOM/ AKIRA PRODUCTION COMMITTEE