Outline of exhibition

Through a tour of the futuristic Nanairo City, in which robots play an active role, this experience-based exhibition allows you to think about a future society in which we live alongside robots.

At this exhibit, the tours are now leaving for "Nanairo City," the future city where robots are active.
What if a robot becomes your friend? What if a robot could take over your work? What if part of your body is augmented by a robot and gives you new abilities? As you meet the residents of Nanairo City, imagine your future daily life living with robots.
3F (Create your future)
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Explore the Futuristic Nanairo City
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Make Your Way Through the Exhibition Experience with a Dedicated Tablet
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Friend Robot Tour

Highlights and details 


You've decided to take part in a sightseeing tour of Nanairo City, a city of the future where humans and robots live together. You're about to leave for Nanairo City with your guide Asuka when Osabot, the clumsy robot mayor, asks for your help with something...?!

How to Participate & How to Reserve

About the Exhibition

This is an interactive exhibition, where visitors can explore a "city of the future" recreated in the exhibition space, using a tablet device lent out to each group. After choosing one of three types of tour, the story progresses by talking with the characters and discovering items set in the city.

How to Participate

  • This exhibition requires a numbered ticket based on admission time.
  • The time required varies depending on the tour selected, from about 40 to 80 minutes.
  • The tour will end partway through if the experience time exceeds 120 minutes, or at the museum's closing time (5:00 p.m.).
  • The maximum number of participants per group is 4.


  • It is possible to leave partway in the event of an emergency, but re-entry is not permitted. Please visit the restroom, etc. ahead of time. Please make sure not to overlap your reservation time with other reservation times, such as for the Dome Theater.
  • Children in third grade of elementary school or younger must be accompanied by a parent or guardian during the experience.

How to Reserve

Numbered tickets are issued on a first-come, first-served basis at "Nanairo Quest" in the Permanent Exhibition hall on the 3rd floor the day of your visit.

  • Please see below for admission hours and numbered ticket distribution start times. Please select your preferred tour when your numbered ticket is issued.

*From 16:00 p.m., only the "Friend Robot Tour" is available for experience.

Admission Time

Admission Time Numbered Ticket Distribution Start Times
① 10:00 10:00
② 10:30
③ 11:00
④ 11:30
⑤ 12:00
⑥ 12:30
⑦ 13:00 12:00
⑧ 13:30
⑨ 14:00
⑩ 14:30
⑪ 15:00
⑫ 15:30
⑬ 16:00

Tour Introduction

A: Friend Robot Tour

Time Required: About 40 - 60 minutes
Recommended Age: Elementary school age and up

A tour in which you'll meet people who use the friend robot "Fren Robo", popular in Nanairo City. The first person you'll meet is a high school student from this city. Apparently, she's been best friends with her Fren Robo since she was little.

B: Craftsmanship Robot Tour

Time Required: About 60 - 80 minutes
Recommended Age: Junior high school age and up

A tour in which you'll meet people who use robots for making things. One of your destinations, "Kaede Handicrafts", is a workshop for Nanairo City's traditional craft, Nanairo carving. Rumor has it that a craftsperson is using robots to pass on her skills to future generations.

C: Body Robot Tour

Time Required: About 60 - 80 minutes
Recommended Age: Junior high school age and up

A tour in which you'll meet people who use robots as extensions of their bodies. One of your destinations is "Kitchen Titan", a popular Western restaurant and the pride of Nanairo City. It seems the owner is trying to make a delicious curry using a body extension device that expands his sense of taste and smell.