Outline of exhibition

How can our boundless curiosity change the way we think about the world? Experience how amazing human endeavors have propelled basic research.

Visitors to this exhibition will be able to experience how curiosity has shaped our understanding of the world. From ancient times, humans have been fascinated by the universe, the Earth, and living things, including ourselves, and we have made tenacious attempts to unravel their mysteries. This exhibition showcases the ongoing efforts of three such endeavors: the Deep-sea Scientific Drilling Vessel Chikyu, which boasts the world’s most powerful drilling capabilities; Hayabusa2, the probe that has brought samples from the Ryugu asteroid back to Earth; and ALMA, the radio telescope that is revealing the true nature of the universe with short-wavelength radio waves. How might they change the way we look at the world?
5F (Explore the frontiers)
Picture 1
“Many Small Insights = Major Discoveries” prologue video
Picture 2
Receiver of the radio interferometer "ALMA"
Picture 3
Core bit used in the Japan Trench Fast Drilling Project (original)