Outline of exhibition

Here you can learn about research in exploring the universe and the Earth, and experience the endless curiosity of the human mind. Human curiosity has delved into the depths of the Earth, the oceans, and leaped into the Solar System, and beyond into the Universe.

In the "Laboratory to Explore the Frontiers", we introduce research that pushes the frontiers of our knowledge, and continually challenges what we know. The laboratory is divided into three corners: Exploring the Earth, Exploring the Solar System, and Exploring Deep Space.

The exhibition features the ALMA telescope project, a telescope that was constructed in the Atacama Desert in Chile, South America, the Venus Climate Orbiter "AKATSUKI" that studies the atmosphere of Venus, the deep sea drilling vessel CHIKYU, that features the most advanced drilling capabilities in the world, a real H-IIA rocket engine, and a living sample of "Gandalfus yunohana", a specie of crab that lives in the extreme environment of the deep sea.

5F (Explore the frontiers)
LE-7A engine that is installed in Japan’s flagship rocket H-IIA
Introducing frontier research that tackles the challenge of exploring the Universe and the Earth
"ALMA - Exploring the Invisible Universe" ("Exploring Deep Space" area)