Sharing the Earth

The Geo-Cosmos is something seen by every visitor to Miraikan. It depicts a true, realistic rendition of our planet as it constantly changes over time. Here we will describe the untold story behind its creation and its many connections.

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The Geo-Cosmos is the symbol exhibit of Miraikan. It was created for the opening of the museum in 2001, using a new type of LED component that had just been developed, to display actual data obtained from satellites to museum visitors, making it a globe simulation unrivaled anywhere in the world. The exhibit was developed out of Chief Executive Director Mamoru Mohri’s desire, a former astronaut, to “Share a view with the museum’s visitors” of Earth from space.

The exhibit was refurbished in 2011 using OLED (organic light-emitting diode) panels to achieve an incredibly detailed simulation of our planet with an ultra-high resolution exceeding 10 megapixels. Numerous other video content has been produced to display on the Geo Cosmos that visualizes scientific data provided by research institutions throughout the world, giving a sense of the countless connections between humans, animal behavior, and environmental changes on our planet.

A multitude of diverse artists and creators have also begun using the unique spherical display developing new modes of visual expression.