A Place for Diverse People to Gather

Together with everyone

People from around the world and from all walks of life have come to see the Miraikan, from the general public to heads of state. The way they have interacted with the Miraikan is equally diverse, including visitors to exhibits, to the volunteers who staff them, and those who cooperated in their creation. Countless people have come together and met through Miraikan, creating an endless stream of new values.

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One of Miraikan’s greatest values has been created by the many people who visit. Those countless stakeholders from all walks of life, include not only visitors from around the world, but also volunteers, supporters, researchers, and even heads of state., They come together at Miraikan and jointly create new values. In the workplaces within Miraikan, exhibits are created and experiments are conducted on cutting-edge research. Specialists many times work with the general public to discuss and share ideas about the future of our society.

There are also those involved who have interacted with Miraikan for many years, such as volunteers who first came as visitors when they were children. Others have contributed exhibit ideas that were realized in cooperation with our staff. Miraikan hosted the Science Center World Summit in 2017 that built relationships with other countries, and acted as a central hub for the world’s science centers, through dialogue with the leaders of those centers as well as many other stakeholders.