Connecting Science and Technology with Society

A place to contemplate the future

How should we interact with science and technology as we move forward into the future? This question must be considered by society as a whole. “Science Communicators” are key persons that help to promote that process of consideration and dialogue. Here we will introduce a wide variety of field initiatives launched at Miraikan.

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The science and technology in our daily life is grows ever more advanced, and ever more difficult to understand. There are times when science and technology becomes so intrinsic to daily life that people are unknowingly affected. Thus, it is becoming increasingly necessary for each person to think for independently on how to best interact with science and technology, and how it should be created in the future. Here at Miraikan, we have staff members called “Science Communicators,” who we play a role in promoting that process of consideration and dialogue.

Science Communicators’ contributions include providing easy to understand explanations of science and technology, assisting in experiencing the technology of the future, supporting research, and arranging opportunities for dialogue on science and technology that presents challenges to society. In the process of these diverse activities, each Science Communicator fulfill their role all while continually updating and upgrading their methods.