Communicating Science and Technology 2

Science x 〇〇

Food, time, love, design, art, the economy, ghosts, the end of the world: these are just a small part of the diverse topics covered in our many special exhibits that have introduced a new way to enjoy science and technology. The visceral reactions evoked from mixing those many elements together has served to further expand the potential inherent in Miraikan.

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Our special exhibits, featured once or twice per year, combine diverse approaches to numerous topics on science and technology to offer innovative ways to enjoy science. Even themes that seem unrelated to science and technology reveal close ups of hidden scientific elements within that provokes interest in science among a wider audience.

These time-limited special exhibits provide an opportunity to take on the challenges by utilizing new experimental exhibition methods and novel spatial designs using the cutting-edge technologies. We will continue to meet such challenges in our aim to provide each visitor, from child to adult, a sense of the science and technology that surrounds every person in every facet of life.