Communicating about Science and Technology 1

Making things without form visible

Miraikan focuses on cutting-edge science and technology, or in other words, things that have yet to be realized in the world, including the ideas and processes of researchers. How can one express these things without form? Here we introduce just a portion of the ingenuity applied by researchers, engineers, and creators.

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Miraikan has met the challenging task of expressing the latest in science and technology and that of the future through the medium of museum exhibits. How is it possible to create an exhibit for concepts that are still under research and development, or things without form such as the ideas and processes of researchers? The many stakeholders involved in the long-term exhibit development process have repeatedly discussed and tested new approaches, including the planners, researchers, engineers, designers, and builders of those exhibits.

The permanent exhibits of Miraikan continually strive to relate science and technology. Over the museum’s 20-year history, Miraikan has transformed exhibits to enable visitors to interactively experience science and inspire visitors to think for themselves. We are continue to develop exhibits every day through repeated experimentation.