About Project

Mitochondria have an essential role in producing cellular energy, like the power plant of the cell.  Mitochondrial biogenesis is guaranteed by the import of their resident proteins and lipids from the cytosol. Recent studies have revealed that mitochondrial structures are regulated in a highly complex manner and they exchange metabolites with other organelles via inter-organelle contacts. In our project, we aim to reveal the entire pictures and regulation mechanisms of the structure and functional networks that generate and maintain mitochondrial dynamic structures, by making a full use of structural biology.

Research Director

Picture of Endo Toshiya

Endo Toshiya

Faculty of Life Sciences, Kyoto Sangyo University

He received his PhD degree at Faculty of Science, the University of Tokyo in 1982. He became an assistant professor at College of Technology, Gunma University in 1982, was promoted to an associate professor of the same department, and then became an associate professor of Faculty of Engineering, Gunma University. In the meantime (1986-1988), he was a visiting scientist at the University of Basel, Switzerland. In 1989, he moved to Nagoya University to become an associate professor at Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Science, Nagoya University, and became a full professor in 1991 at the same department. After research and education life for 24 years at Nagoya University, he moved to Kyoto Sangyo University in April 2014 to become a professor at Faculty of Life Sciences. He is a Professor Emeritus of Nagoya University. His research areas are molecular cell biology and structural biology.

Message from Research Director

Mitochondria are power plants of the cell that generate essential cellular energy. To maintain mitochondria active and healthy is important for not only treatment and prevention of diseases but also keeping us young, healthy, vibrant, and long-living. The group of Prof. Toshiya Endo aims to reveal the secret behind the mystery of "how the cell makes healthy mitochondria”.