About Project

We are advancing “material and process innovation” research, to realize the concept of a Convenience Factory (CNVFAB), where materials and processing are directly connected to digital manufacturing. In this project, where the combination of different fields about soft 3D interfaces becomes key, we are working on many new sciences and technologies like amoeba, while establishing a smart soft-manufacturing platform prototype that will make it possible to continuously create concept models of the future. We will swiftly proceed with verification tests to make this a reality, as we aim to create a bountiful, safe and long-lasting world where no one is left behind.

Research Director

Picture of Furukawa Hidemitsu

Furukawa Hidemitsu

Soft and Wet matter Engineering Laboratory (SWEL), Yamagata University

Furukawa Hidemitsu completed his Ph.D. in Physics in the Department of Physics, Tokyo Institute of Technology in 1996. After this, he worked as an assistant in Tokyo Institute of Technology and Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology, an assistant professor in Hokkaido University, and in April 2009 he was appointed associate professor in the Mechanical Systems Engineering Major at the Graduate School of Science and Engineering, Yamagata University, where he set up the Soft & Wet Matter Engineering Laboratory (SWEL). He was promoted to professor in 2012. In June 2013, he founded the Yamagata University Life-3D Printing Innovation Center (LPIC). and became the chair of the Center.

Message from Research Director

I am a scientist who likes “soft gels.” I am working on research to implement state-of-the-art technology into society, from the perspective of soft and wet matter engineering. At Miraikan, I introduce visitors to 3D gel printers, 3D food printers, soft matter robots (such as the gel Hachiko and gel jellyfish) and other technologies, and I hope to spread the vision of a “Smart Soft-Manufacturing Revolution.”