About Project

Rechargeable batteries are essential to our society and our lives. In this project, we are aiming to realize a sustainable and prosperous society by developing a new type of battery that incorporates a unique idea of multi-electron transfer reaction based on lithium-ion battery technology. By using materials that reacts with two or more electrons, the capacity can be doubled, tripled, or even more. The high energy batteries are safe and environmentally friendly, which will excite the world.

Research Director

Picture of Satoh Masaharu

Satoh Masaharu

ORLIB Limited

Ph.D: Osaka University, 1995, M.S: Tokyo University of Agriculture and technology 1981
1981-1991 Kao Corporation, 1991-2007 NEC Corporation
2007-2015 Murata Manufacturing Corporation, 2015-2016 Yamagata University
2017-2020 The Unversity of Tokyo, 2020- ORLIB Limited

Message from Research Director

I dream of a future in which the seeds of small ideas come out, grow with the help and support of many people, and change society wonderfully.