What will be the condition of Earth 50 years from now ?
Imagine the ideal future, and what you can do now to achieve it.

In this exhibit you experience in an interactive game on what kind of Earth you can leave to your descendants 50 years from now. What should we do to preserve our current Earth for the next-generation? Think about the lifestyle and scientific technology needed to make the ideal Earth a reality by overcoming numerous challenges to reach that ideal. By envisioning an ideal future and thinking backwards, we can realize what we are supposed to do at present.


Shinichiro Ohgaki

Scientific Advisors

Keisuke Hanaki, Yoshinori Hiroi, Toshio Katsukawa, Nobuko Kibe, Ryuji Matsuhashi, Masaaki Miyasako, Yuji Yamamoto

Permanent Exhibition | Create your future

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