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Can an autonomous robot reach its destination without bumping into people?

Research Period:since September 2016

Can robots smoothly reach their destination in a bustling area? Without further ado, you can now take part in an experiment with “Peacock,“ a robot currently under development.

Peacock has sensors to detect obstacles and the movement of people in its vicinity. By walking around Peacock, you can contribute to the collection of research data and improve Peacock’s external perception.

Get a close-up view of Peacock moving around in the Exhibition Area for the trial and experience cutting-edge robot research for yourself.

* This event involves trials of the Intelligent Systems Project in the Research Facilities. They have been held monthly since September 2016.

Intelligent Systems Project

Autonomous Mobile Robots in Human Living Space(AIST)外部サイトへ移動します



Permanent Exhibition, 3F, Miraikan

Time and Date

June 12-13, July 10-11, August 21-22, September 18-19, 2020

How to participate

Make your way directly to 3F (Permanent Exhibition). When viewing the robot, please be sure to stay at a social distance from others.
*Monitoring takes place around Peacock and in its area of movement, using infrared sensors, internal microphones, and a 360-degree camera. The data is used strictly for research purposes. The sensors and measuring devices have no effect on the human body.


Miraikan, National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology(AIST)


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