About Project

Recognizing environment is vital function for autonomous mobile robot in human environment. We are studying about embedded intelligent robots witch have many perception/planning/control functions that require real-time operating system. For example, 3D mapping from robot in motion, self-localization and path planning using the map, vision and auditory functions for interaction with environment, semantics understanding from observed surrounding information, and so on. By combining those functions as a real-time system, the robot can autonomously decide its behavior depending on the situation.

Research Director

Picture of Mochimaru Masaaki

Mochimaru Masaaki

Information Technology and Human Factors,National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology

In 1993, he joined AIST as a researcher. In 2001, he was assigned as the deputy director of Digital Human Laboratory of AIST. In 2010, he launched and directed Digital Human Research Center of AIST. Through 2015-2018, he directed Human Informatics Research Institute of AIST. After November 2018, he directs a new research center, Human Augmentation Research Center of AIST.

Message from Research Director

We aim at realizing the robot-aid-society based on robots that can work with various humans in various environments.