Feel the Earth Geo-Cosmos

Main Specifications
Luminescence device: Organic LED
(10,362 square panels [96 mm])
Size: Diameter 6 meters
(Approx. 1/2 millionth the size of the Earth)
Number of pixels: 10 million pixels and over
Inner structure: Geodesic octahedral model

The Geo-Cosmos, the symbol exhibit of Miraikan, produces a rendition of our Earth shining brightly in space with a super high precision exceeding 10 million pixels. It is the world’s first "Globe-like display" using organic LED panels and was created from Miraikan's Chief Executive Director Mamoru Mohri's desire of "wanting to share with people the sight of our beautiful Earth as seen from space." The images of clouds floating across the display are created from images shot by weather satellites each day. It allows you to see realistic image of how the earth looks like.
Realization: DENTSU INC., Mitsubishi Electric corporation, Go and Pertners, Inc., GK Tech Inc.
Data: University of Wisconsin SSEC, Geoscience & PlanetObserver.com

Visualization of Scientific Information

Geo-Cosmos presents scientific data updated every day, such as air flow and simulations of future forecasts. It is possible to illustrate hundreds of types of data. Through collaborations with researchers, Miraikan receives highly precise information, and shows the Earth in many ways based on this information. Geo-Cosmos can be a platform where visitors learn about one another and about the Earth, as narrated by Science Communicators.

  • Land Cover
    Data: Global Mapping Project (International Steering Committee for Global Mapping , Geospatial Information Authority of Japan, Chiba University)
  • Future Projection, Air Temperature
  • The Seasons on Earth
    Data: NASA Earth Observations


The Earth
Data: Weathernews Inc.

The Searching Planet

“The Searching Planet” is a new content from Google and Miraikan which projects global Google Search trends onto the Geo-Cosmos. From checking calories, to learning more about the movement of the stars, people have been turning to the Web to ask questions and find answers since the birth of the internet. “The Searching Planet” visualizes these questions and provides a lens through which to see our changing interests and desires. This content categorizes these trends under various themes, including food, sports, pets and current affairs.

Design, creation and copyright: Google and Miraikan

The Movements

Based on the theme of “Human Activities and Changes in Earth View,” this screening traces the trajectory of human history through a wide variety of “movement.” This includes information on the migrations of human beings that started approximately 150 thousand years ago, old maps, modern shipping routes, GPS and so on. Through the high quality CG images and synchronized audio effects, it is a spherical video presentation that appeals to the senses. We recommend viewing from the Symbol Zone on the first floor. Lie down on a couch relax, and look up at Earth.


  • Land
    Data: Dr. Ron Blakey (Northern Arizona University)
  • Maps
  • On the Sea
    Data: Toriumi Lab. of Chuo University
The Movements

Director: Synichi Yamamoto /Music: ICE [Intercity-Express] /Imaging technique: Kazuhiro Imamura /Producer: Yoshifumi Sadahara, Yusuke Ogura /Production: OMNIBUS JAPAN Inc. /Cooperation on production: Seiichi Endo (Gopha inc.) /Sound system design: Go and Partners, Inc. /Data: Toriumi Lab. of Chuo University, Kobe City Museum, Northern Arizona University, University of Oxford, VMapLevel0 2004, TOKYO CARTOGRAPHIC CO.,LTD. /Cooperation on data production: AuthaGraph Co., Ltd.

World Processor Powered by Geo-Gosmos (by Ingo Günther)

World Processor powered by Geo-Cosmos - WP(x)GC, was created by Ingo Günther, a media artist and journalist originally from Germany. This is an ongoing project that illustrates humanity’s interaction with Earth. It presents distributions and movements in politics, economics, the environment, and social issues. The presentation is grouped into eight themes— Human Activities, Social, Borders, Water, Economics, Transportation, Communication, and Japan ≠ World Averages. It is best viewed from the third floor.


    : Theme “SOCIAL”
    : Theme “BORDERS”
    : Theme “ECONOMICS”
    : Theme “WATER”

Data provided by: UNDP’s HDR (Human Development Report), The World Bank, OECD /Visualization: Elias N. Melad, Nathan Townes-Anderson, Amy Brener, Sharone Vendriger, Mike Shea, Go and Partners,Inc. /Realizatio: P3 art and environment /Special Thanks to: Andrew Saunders, RPI, Manuela Hartel, Andreas Riedl, Jan Mokre

How to view Geo-Cosmos

Geo-Cosmos can be viewed anytime at the 1F Symbol Zone, and from the exhibition floors on the third and fifth floors. (Admission is free for the 1F Symbol Zone.) It usually shows “The Earth” as seen from space, but the following programs are also available at fixed time slots every day.

Screening schedule 

Automatic screening

Automatic screenings encourage visitors to rediscover Earth through new ideas, including “The Movements” and “World Processor Created by Ingo Günther.” Enjoy fresh views of Earth. Screening contents available in English and Chinese.

The Music of Geo-Cosmos

Geo-Sound by Jeff Mills
“Inner Cosmos Soundtrack”

Music created by Mr. Jeff Mills, a techno-producer and DJ, can be heard on the Oval Bridge connecting the 3F and 5F. This soundtrack is an accompaniment for watching the Earth. The soundtrack to go with the Geo-Cosmos is based on the experience of Chief Executive Director, Dr. Mamoru Mohri, in space, and was produced with the concept of linking space, Earth, and human beings.
(Along with the opening of Geo-Cosmos in 2001 when Miraikan was opened, the soundtrack was produced by a Japanese musician, Mr. Ryuichi Sakamoto. This music is generated together with changes in the environment, such as temperature, illuminance, solar radiation intensity, wind direction and speed. With the renewal of the Geo-Cosmos, Miraikan has released the music of Mr. Jeff Mills in 2013, in place of the former soundtrack.)

Music changes

The soundtrack changes smoothly depending on the day and time—everydays from Mondays to Fridays, weekends, mornings, afternoons, evenings, and nights. Enjoy “the Earth” on Geo-Cosmos as you listen to the music that is playing when you visit.

Special sound system

The sound system along the Oval Bridge is made up of 32 speakers with 16 channels. This creates sounds that change as the visitor proceeds through the walkway. The reflection of sound on glass produces an incredible sense of depth toward the direction of movement. Those who are tall can gain an even stronger sense of the sound by lowering their ears below the height of the glass walls.

Concept designed and Music composed by: Jeff Mills /Sound Designed by: Go and Partners, Inc. / SYNETICS LTD