Discover your Earth - What is the position of human beings in Earth’s history and how should human beings move forward to the future?
This zone looks at the question of how we are connected to life and the environment on Earth using the latest scientific data and tools.

Feel the Earth Geo-Cosmos

The Geo-Cosmos, the symbol exhibit of Miraikan, produces a rendition of our Earth shining brightly in space with a super high precision exceeding 10 million pixels. It is the world's first "Globe-like display" using organic LED panels.


Search for the Earth Geo-Scope

This feature lets you freely access data about the Earth and discover new aspects of the Earth from a variety of perspectives. Learn about the Earth’s most current situation from that data.


Analyze the Earth Geo-Prism

This system provides realistic interaction with the Earth’s data and simulations. You can watch the Earth’s movement dynamically from all angles.


Potray the Earth Geo-Palette Online Service

This system lets you draw an original world map. You can rediscover things about the global environment and human activity by overlaying different data on the map.

You can draw an original world map from information about various countries and regions. The system lets you rediscover things about the global environment and human activity from a variety of perspectives by freely selecting from a few hundreds types of data and overlaying different data on a single map.

*You can also try the Geo-Palette on the Internet.



Located at the center of the Oval Bridge that links the 3rd and 5th floor, the Geo-Cockpit is the control room for the Geo-Cosmos and the rest of the “Geo-Tools”. The concept behind the design of the curved, cutting-edge technology glass used for the Geo-Cockpit, is the transparency and flexibility of our Japan, and worldwide collaborations.

The fusion of Knowledge and Senses creates a "New Earth Awareness”

Miraikan TSUNAGARI Project

The “TSUNAGARI” Project was initiated by Miraikan in 2011, and with the three tool of Geo-Cosmos, Geo-Scope, and Geo-Palette. Through collaboration between researchers and artists within and outside Japan, this project involves collecting scientific information about the Earth, and presenting and communicating the information in a visual manner that appeals to the senses. The mission of this project is to deepen our knowledge about Earth and ourselves, consider what to do in order to relate today’s Earth to future generations, and create a vision for the future, with people around the world. These three tools connect the exhibition system to the world, and create a new perspective of the Earth based on the concept of “TSUNAGARI” (links/relations/connections). We aspire to work other science museums and research institutes, and become a base for receiving and disseminating data to make Earth sustainable.

*We are now holding the Geo-Cosmos Content Contest with a view to pioneering new possibilities and expressions of the Geo-Cosmos.
Picture Happiness on Earth
Geo-Cosmos Content Contest


Geo-Palette and Geo-Scope adopt the use of a new 2-dimensional map known as “AuthaGraph”, invented by Japanese architect, Dr. Narukawa Hajime. The AuthaGraph is a new standard for the world map, and is evenly projects a three-dimensional sphere onto a two-dimensional flat surface. It allows for the laying out of pieces of the world map horizontally and vertically with no limitations. On the AuthaGraph, it is possible for any place to be the center. This map therefore eliminates any specific central point, and provides a “decentralized worldview” that allows us to look at the entire world freely.

Click here for more details about AuthaGraph