News Gathering

Please read the following necessary steps before offering a news gathering with Miraikan.

Steps to Offer a News Gathering

Please submit a proposal that includes the outline of the news gathering, or provide the following information to our press staff:

1. Outline of the media
2. What the news gathering is about (objectives and topics)
3. Outline of the news gathering (date, place, and how the interview will be conducted)
4. Date of release
5. Name and contact (telephone number and e-mail address)

We will let you know if we can accept the news gathering after reviewing the information above.
* We ask the media to send us the draft articles in order to review them before release. We also ask them to send us a copy after the release of the issue.


Public Relations Section, Exhibition Development Division, Department of Museum, Miraikan - The National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation
Tel: +81-3-3570-9192 (closed on weekends and holidays)
Fax: +81-3-3570-9150
*It may take some time to answer your inquiry.

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