The Miraikan Message

On October 2, 2010, Miraikan held the initial meeting of its International Advisory Board (IAB). The Board consists of a distinguished group of scientists, major science centers directors, and key business people from around the globe gathered to advise Miraikan on how to incorporate a global approach in meeting global challenges. The IAB then created and issued "The Miraikan Message".

The "Message" is based on the IAB discussions and focuses on the roles science centers can take to solve the challenges facing our planet. It is also a significant proposal in that Japan offers to take this leading action in the global effort to seek solutions.

The Miraikan Message

1. Addressing global challenges requires all human wisdom
Global problems such as global warming and decrease of biological diversity are threatening the survival of all humans, and these conditions have a daily impact on each individual and therefore, each human's survival. A wise man once said "Be the change you want to see in the world". Therefore it is vital that each person plays a role in discovering solutions to these global problems.
The human race sustained life through a nurturing society. Consequently, humans have acquired "wisdom" so as to improve and enrich life. All of this wisdom must be nurtured and integrated in order to improve and implement solutions to these global problems.
2. Science and Technology - an integrated part of the culture
Culture is the amalgamation of all human wisdom, including the wisdom from areas such as politics, economy, religion, ethics, art, sports, science and technology.
We believe that science and technology is an integrated part of our culture. We provide an open forum for all to address the current, and future roles of science and technology.
3. Miraikan develops global activities
International collaboration is necessary for discovering solutions to global problems. Each country must place priorities not on its own interests, but rather on efforts that seek solutions that meet global interests. The key is acquiring a global perspective to assure a sustainable global environment for all. The resolution to global challenges demands globally accepted scientific assessments and evaluations, and thus, science and technology, as part of human culture, provides common values and serves the common good.
The National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation (Miraikan) has engaged in activities recognizing that science and technology is an integrated part of culture. Miraikan is ready to share these activities with our communities, with our nation, and with the world. The Miraikan International Advisory Board (IAB) actively encourages and promotes these activities through world cooperation and collaboration in order to sustain life on our planet.

Members of the International Advisory Board