Let's Science with Rookie Researchers! Measure, Understand, and Create Human Movements

Sunday October 15, 2023

An image showing the research content of the four laboratories of the “Unveil & Upgrade Human Movement Performance” Project.
From left: Analysis of how children run. Experience changing the way you jump by attaching a device to lower body. A thin membrane measuring device that can measure the electrical activity of muscles. Bipedal running robot.

How does our body, which we casually use in sports and daily life, move? In what way human movements are studied scientifically? From the “Research Facilities” in Miraikan, we will introduce you to the “Unveil & Upgrade Human Movement Performance” Project, which is focusing on “human movement”!

The first half of the event features rookie researchers (university students at the forefront of this project's activities), who in a live session will talk about their research and the behind-the-scenes stories of their everyday lives.

Let's explore the thoughts of rookie researchers that one seldom gets a chance to know, such as “I want to investigate, analyze, and boost my favorite sport!” and “I want to make people happy with what I will create!”

The latter half of session is the Tour to Laboratory, where we will introduce researchers' activities on “human movement performance”. Let's have a chance to think in some detail about your own body and how it moves, by seeing and experiencing the equipment being used. 

Through the event, you might learn more about your body and the challenges, struggles and joys of research work. Please join us!

Event Flow

The Rookie Researchers' Talk: 30 minutes
※Student researchers belonging to this project will talk about their research and everyday life.

Laboratory Tour: 35 minutes
※We will take you on a tour of their laboratory that explores the secrets of the Human Movement Performance.
※Laboratory tour tickets will be distributed at the Rookie Researchers’ Talk.

Person in charge of implementation

Kawakami Yasuo (Faculty of Sport Sciences, Waseda University), Wesugi Shigeru (Faculty of Science and Engineering, Waseda University), Takanishi Atsuo (Faculty of Science and Engineering, Waseda University), Otani Takuya (Waseda Research Institute for Science and Engineering), Takeoka Shinjo (Faculty of Science and Engineering, Waseda University)
Ohkubo Akira, Aoki Hikaruko (Miraikan Science communicator)

Event Outline

Time and Date
Sunday October 15, 2023
① Rookie Researchers' Talk:13:00~13:30 Laboratory Tour:13:35~14:10
② Rookie Researchers' Talk:14:30~15:00 Laboratory Tour:15:05~15:40
※The content and speakers of the Rookie Researchers’ Talk may differ depending on the session.
※The Rookie Researchers’ Talk will be in Japanese with English subtitles provided and displayed simultaneously in the venue.
Permanent Exhibition Zone 5F (Talk), 3F Hub Space (Tour), Miraikan
All may participate
The number of participants
Approximately 20 people per session
How to participate
Advance registration required (first come, first served basis)
Please read the notes and apply from Miraikan ID My Page.
※Registration for this event requires a Miraikan ID (free of charge, Japanese only). (Registration is free and available only in Japanese.) Please use translation tools where necessary.
※Application period is until Thursday, September 28.

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Admission fee
Entrance fee to Miraikan

Photos taken during the event may be used for publicity and research activities with your consent.