Miraikan Free Wi-FI

You can use the Internet for free.

How to use the Service

Step 1

Screenshot 1 Turn on the Wi-Fi setting of your device.
Select SSID "Miraikan_Free_Wi-Fi" and connect
with it.

Step 2

Screenshot 2 Open your browser and follow the instructions
on the screen.
For the first time, you must agree with the terms
Of use and regist your e-mail address or
SNS account. 

Japan Connected-free Wi-Fi

You can also use "Japan Connected-free Wi-Fi" Apps.
Japan Connected Free

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are my communications encrypted?

A: Communications in the wireless zones (from your devices to access points) are not encrypted in this service. It is possible that a malicious user may intercept your communications. Please refrain from sending or receiving important information, and take responsibility for necessary security measures before using the service.

Q: Do I need to register?

A: If you use the service for the first time, you need to register your e-mail address or SNS account; ID of "Twitter, Facebook, Google, and Yahoo Japan" are available. The internet is temporally connected to complete your registration.

Q: I cannot connect to the Internet.

A: Please make sure that SSID "Miraikan_Free_Wi-Fi" is "connection" on your device. If the "Miraikan_Free_Wi-Fi" SSID is not connected, tap the "connect." If your Wi-Fi is gotten off frequently, please check the signal statement of "Miraikan Free Wi-Fi." If the signal is weak, please move to the zone which has higher signal.
Network congestion may occasionally limit your access.