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Exhibition Outline

This exhibition will introduce the cutting-edge science and technology which made the construction of the world's tallest stand-alone communication tower possible, as Tokyo Sky Tree will become a unique symbol. It is a Special Exhibition where visitors will think about the ideal future city while rediscovering Japan's unique philosophy and MONOZUKURI (Manufacturing) culture. Visitors will learn about the most advanced construction techniques through valuable reference materials such as drawings and actual equipments used at the construction site of the Tokyo Sky Tree.

The members that actually handled the construction and design of Tokyo Sky Tree are participating in the design of the exhibition site and the planning for this exhibition. In addition to references, images of the construction site, and reflecting the impressions of the people connected to the construction effort, a realistic construction site of the Tokyo Sky Tree is going to be recreated.

The exhibition will be composed of 5 zones based on high building construction technology. Visitors can experience the atmosphere of the worksite with dynamic high vision images of the construction site of Tokyo Sky Tree and through the wrecking crane exhibit. Visitors can get on the actual tower crane and feel the real thrill of the construction site with 3D images. In addition to this, a 1/100 scale of the Sky Tree made of LEGO® Bricks produced by LEGO® production s.r.o. (Czech Republic) will be presented. As construction workers portrayed in Ukiyoe and old maps of the Edo Period are introduced, visitors can see the MONOZUKURI spirit of Japanese people carried on to the modern days. Also, Japan's unique process in solving various difficult problems which are peculiar to Japan, such as foundation considerations, earthquake resistance, complex regulations, etc., will be introduced through real designs, models and Computer Graphics (CG).

Let's feel the construction technology that Japan proudly presents to the world through the Tokyo Sky Tree.


ZONE 0 Entrance

The wrecking crane that works on the top of the Tokyo Sky Tree will welcome the visitors. Visitors can feel the atmosphere of the construction site.

ZONE 1 "Dreams OK! From Edo to Tokyo - Why do we create? -"

Tokyo has changed dramatically from the flat timbered city of "Edo" to "TOKYO" which is one of the high-rise cities in the world. The history of high-rise construction work can be referred to as the history, which collects the technology and dreams of us, the humans. Here, as we seek the transition of cities from old maps of Edo that spreads on the floor, we will look into the spirit of MONOZUKURI (Manufacturing) of Japanese people that is passed down to the modern days from the figures of the craftsman of Edo period portrayed in Ukiyoe and picture scrolls. Furthermore, we will rediscover the human challenges and adoration toward height as we look through the ranking of previous high-rise buildings in Japan and throughout the world.

ZONE 2 "Form OK! From dreams to "design" - How is the shape determined? -"

How was the Tokyo Sky Tree, the world's tallest stand-alone communication tower, designed? Foundation considerations, earthquake resistance, limited construction land, complex regulations, etc... We will introduce the full process which arrived at the design that fulfilled the most suitable, best, and excellent solution that solved Japan's various unique and difficult problems through real designs, models and CG.

ZONE 3 "Site OK! From design to the "real thing" - How was it built? -"

The design was completed and was determined to actualize the Sky Tree's incredible height as a stand-alone communication tower. We will introduce the process up to leading to realization which was completed by maintaining the highest standard of quality as a communication tower. Efficiency in building during a definite time frame and the safety of the workers and the neighboring citizens were essential. Here visitors can view the 3D images taken from a high point of the actual Tokyo Sky Tree while riding the actual tower crane. Let's virtually experience the perspective of a worker at the construction site which cannot otherwise be entered.

ZONE 4 "Future OK! From "now" to the "future" - Who should we convey? -"

We will think together with the visitors about the ideal city in the future as we listen to what cultural figures, researchers, engineers and people related to city building in the forefront have to say, and learn about the construction technology that Japan proudly presents to the world. In addition to this, the 1/100 scale of the Tokyo Sky Tree made of LEGO® Bricks produced by LEGO® production s.r.o. (Czech Republic) will be presented. Beneath it, a future city to be created by children at the pre-event "Build the Future City! - Let's make a dream city featuring the Tokyo Sky Tree using LEGO® Bricks -" which will be held on May 22, will spread wide in front of your eyes.

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Special Exhibition "Making of Tokyo Sky Tree® -Welcome to a Construction Site in the sky-
June 11 (Sat.) - October 2 (Sun.), 2011
1F Exhibition Space a, National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation
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