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Exhibition Outline

Since it was first published in a weekly magazine in 1994, "Detective Conan" has transcended national boundaries, cultures, and generations and spread across the world; it is a comic with global support. This exhibition allows people to experience and enjoy the process of scientific investigations, using Conan's familiar worldview as a base.

In this exhibition, visitors follow their detective memo, going around three areas, the "Crime Scene Inspection Area" where they gather evidence, the "Information-Gathering Area" to collect new information, and the "Lab Area" where they scientifically appraise their evidence, and then clarify the truth of the case. Look out for an original story not drawn in the original comics, only available in this exhibition.

The exhibition will allow you to experience the process of gathering evidence through observations, collection and analysis of information, and verification as well as the process of reaching logical deductions based on hypotheses. Furthermore, the exhibition will provide you with an opportunity to get a sense of the importance of unraveling matters through the selection and combination of science and technology.

About "Detective Conan"

First published in Shogakukan's Weekly Shonen Sunday in 1994, "Detective Conan" is a popular work with worldwide sales of over 200 million volumes. It has evolved into an unpredictable story made up of many different elements, with clever tricks and deductions, and romance, friendship, and intrigue unfolding between the richly individual characters. In addition to the comics, it has also been made into a TV anime and movies. Exhibitions of original images have also been held.


Case Summary

This original story was created just for this exhibition, and unfolds based on the worldview of Detective Conan. Kogoro Mori is a great detective who has solved many cases, and is becoming the man of the moment. Now, a mystery novel is to be published with Kogoro as the main character. However, the mystery writer who was supposed to be responsible for authoring the novel has been discovered murdered at his home. The estimated time of death is 14:00. A calendar left at the scene has this clearly written upon it:
“14:00 Mr. Kogoro Mori”
Can Conan and his allies really use scientific investigation and completely clear suspicion from Kogoro Mori?

Detective Memos

Participants choose from the two types of detective memo (see below) at the entrance to this area, which allows them to experience the same exhibition from different perspectives.

Conan & Amuro Course: Experience Deduction By Great Detectives

This course sees participants pursue the truth of the case from the unique perspective of great detectives by narrowing down the suspects as they accumulate evidence. Together with the two great detectives Conan and Amuro, participants make deductions, and use scientific investigation to find the truth.

Conan & Ran Course: Prove the Innocence of the Suspect

In this course, participants clear suspicion from Kogoro, who is suspected of the crime, by enlisting the help of Conan’s allies in the exhibition. Together with Conan, a detective, and Kogoro’s daughter Ran, participants shed light on what happened on the day of the incident.

Exhibition Areas

Participants find the truth as they go around three areas with their detective memo in hand.

Crime Scene Inspection Area: Observe the Scene!

Participants carefully observe the scene of the murder, which has been recreated within this area, and gather clues such as the murder weapon. They deepen their understanding of the order of events of a criminal investigation and crime-scene preservation.

Information-Gathering Area: Pursuing the Evidence on your own!

Participants ask Conan’s friends downtown if they have any clues relating to the case, gather eyewitness information and suspects’ alibis on their own as they go around the Mori Detective Agency and Café Poirot in Beika-cho.

Lab Area: Obtain Evidence Through Scientific Investigation!

Participants use the power of science to analyze the clues that they have collected in the Crime Scene Inspection Area and the Information-Gathering Area. As they understand the special characteristics of expert techniques such as document appraisal, component analysis, and fingerprint examination, they will skillfully combine these techniques and collect definite proof.

Venue Scenery

Slide 1: Crime Scene Inspection Area
Crime Scene Inspection Area
Slide 2: Information-Gathering Area 1
Information-Gathering Area 1
Slide 3: Information-Gathering Area 2
Information-Gathering Area 2
Slide 4: Lab Area 1
Lab Area 1
Slide 5: Lab Area 2
Lab Area 2
Slide 6: Revealing Truth Area
Revealing Truth Area


Special Exhibition "Detective Conan: Scientific Investigation"
April 18 (Wed), 2018 - July 8 (Sun), 2018.
Special Exhibition Zone 1F, Miraikan - The National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation
Tuesdays (Open on May 1, 2018)
Miraikan - The National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation, The Production Committee of "Detective Conan: Scientific Investigation"