Guests from Japan and Overseas

Miraikan welcomes many researchers and famous personalities from Japan and overseas. This section introduces the guests that visit Miraikan.

September 30, 2004

Director of the University of Alaska, Museum of the North

Dr. Aldona Jonaitis

September 25, 2004

Director of the Singapore Science Centre

Dr. Chew Tuan Chiong

September 13, 2004

Chief Curator of the Hong Kong Science Museum

Mr. YIP Chee-kuen

September 6, 2004

NASA Astronaut

Mr. Donald Pettit

July 28, 2004

Director of the Otago Museum

Shimrath C. Paul

June 10, 2004

Sergei Avdeyev

May 19, 2004

Director of Questacon

Professor Graham Durant

Executive Operations Manager of Questacon

Mr. Brenton Honeyman