Miraikan Vision 2030

At Miraikan,
together with you, we
“Open the Future”

“The world in flux, and the future uncertain”
What is the role of a science museum?

We share the latest science, technology, and knowledge,
then transcend that to create, with you, a better future.

Each voice, each action changes the world, and builds our future,
for example, to the Moon, to Mars, a 100-year life span,
smarter people, robots, and cities, and a beautiful Earth forever.
Such a dreamlike future only exists with your involvement.

Miraikan will develop to be where all humans,
from different places, with different perspectives
connect, become excited, and pioneer the future.

In the next 10 years, Miraikan will exceed the museum concept.

The time is now. Let’s get started, together!


Miraikan シンボルマーク

“Miraikan” 是日本科学未来馆的爱称。

爱称旁边那个蓝色的标记就是未来馆的象征,是由一个球形和环绕着球形的圆弧构成的。它表示“地球与卫星轨道”、“细胞分裂”、“地球上的各种网络(人与人、人与信息)”、“电子的运动” 等概念,象征着未来馆的主题。


用特别推出的系列影像来回顾未来馆自2001年7月开馆以来, 作为一个思考和讨论科技的作用以及未来的可能性的地方,一步步走到今天所开展过的各种活动,构筑起的诸多联系。