Everything is made up of Strings?

The man from the 9 Dimensions

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From the world of elementary particles to the farthest reaches of the Universe, the journey beyond dimensions starts now.


Based on the latest scientific data and hypotheses, Takashi Shimizu, the guru of horror movies, visualizes the world as theoretical physicists see it in order to create a new kind of science movie.

A 3D fulldome movie on the "Theory of Everything"; the ultimate goal of physics to describe all natural phenomena by a single, consistent theory. Physics is in crisis. Our understandings of the microscopic world of elementary particles and of the macroscopic world of the universe are in contradiction. Scientists are striving to resolve the contradictions and construct the Theory of Everything. Be ready to be surprised by the new world of vibrating strings and hidden dimensions predicted by the most promising hypothesis, the Superstring Theory.


"The mysterious man T.o.E. must be caught!"

“How does the Universe work? How was it even created?” Growing up, everyone has thought about these fundamental questions, but there are still people who keep searching for the answers--- Scientists.

Scientists are seeking a certain person. His name is T.o.E. If they catch him, all the mysteries of the physical world will be solved. The scientists are finally able to locate him, but the moment they try to catch him, he escapes with ease. He says "Welcome to my world", and invites us to a fantastical journey.

He traverses space and time, from the world of the infinitesimally small to the vastness of the macroscopic world of space, and from the present day to the distant past, up to the birth of the Universe. What lies at the end of this journey is something that will change how we perceive reality forever.
Who in the world is T.o.E.? Will the scientists catch him? The journey beyond dimensions starts now.

The forefront of theoretical physics, normally understood only by equations, appears in the dome theater in the form of a dazzling series of unforgettable experiences, staged by the director Takashi Shimizu.
One of the goals of this film was to visualize scientific concepts and data. The result of research on the elementary particles “neutrino” and the “Higgs boson” that lead to two Nobel Prizes take shape artistically through computer graphics. The most precise simulation of the evolution of the Universe is presented with a sequence of 1.2 billion particles.


  • Hirosi Ooguri
    Scientific Advisor

    Hirosi Ooguri

    Ooguri, Fred Kavli Professor and Director of the Institute for Theoretical Physics at California Institute of Technology and a Principal Investigator at the Kavli Institute at the University of Tokyo, is a leading researcher in Superstring Theory. He has won numerous awards and honors including the Eisenbud Prize from the American Mathematical Society and is a member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences. He is also uniquely talented in communicating science to the general public. His four popular science books have been sold over a quarter of a million copies in Japan and his book on Superstring Theory was selected for the 2014 Kodansha Prize for Science Books.

  • Takashi Shimizu

    Takashi Shimizu

    From his early childhood, he was devoted to creating stories. At the age of 10, he was strongly impressed by “E.T.” and decided to become a moviemaker. At university, he majored in theater as a disciple of the scriptwriter Toshiro Ishido. After working as a property man and assistant director, he received a recommendation from Kiyoshi Kurosawa and Hiroshi Takahashi for a self-made, 3 minute short movie, and debuted as a director. His horror movie, “The Grudge”, became a hit. He debuted in Hollywood with its US remake under the production of the director Sam Raimi, which reached number 1 in the U.S. box office. He has worked on “The Shock Labyrinth”, “TORMENTED”, and many other 3D movies, and continues to entertain the audience with movies rich in experimentation.

  • Synichi Yamamoto
    Visual Director

    Synichi Yamamoto

    Director/Motion Graphic Artist in OMNIBUS JAPAN, Inc. His experience covers fields such us CI, VI, television, title sequence of movies, Station Identification, promotional videos, etc. After creating the motion logo for Sony Music, one of his most important efforts, he went on to create more than 80 works. He has also made many large-frame movies for live shows, expositions and the like and has presented “The movements”, a visual exhibit for the “Geo-Cosmos” the symbol exhibit of Miraikan (2013). He has been awarded the Promax BDA America Broadcast Design Award (2008), the JAPAN MEDIA ARTS FESTIVAL Award (2007, 2009), and many other prizes.

  • Masanori Iuchi

    Masanori Iuchi

    Scriptwriter and producer. Born in 1978. He works on advertising and television shows production. He joined the world of the Planetarium after participating in the script of “Space Elevator – The Future as Viewed by Scientists” (Screened at the National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation, Miraikan and other places). He was involved in the creation of the script and the direction of “BIRTHDAY – What Links the Universe and Me-“, and in the production of “Kirobo and Mirada”, “Ice Wonderland”, “Wish upon a Star, Pray upon the Moon”, etc. He endeavors to create films that people unfamiliar with space or science can enjoy.

  • Jun Fukumoto
    Director of Photography

    Jun Fukumoto

    Born in 1964, in Kanagawa Prefecture. Disciple of the late Mr. Noboru Shinoda. Camera operator of movies made for the most typical rectangular screen. He has worked together with Isao Yukisada director in “A Good Husband” and many other of the director’s films He always aims for variety in his works, regardless of the medium, as in “TOKYO! Shaking Tokyo” (Bong Joon-ho, 2008), “Princess Jellyfish” (Taisuke Kawamura, 2004), etc. ..This is his first involvement with a dome theatre film.

  • Taro Ishida

    Taro Ishida

    Composer. From his time in Tokyo University of the Arts, he has made music for places and videos, for art exhibitions at the Mori Art Museum, the Pompidou Centre, the Toyo Ito Museum of Architecture, the Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum and for corporate advertising for UNIQLO, TOYOTA, HONDA, to name but a few. Since 2013, he has supervised the concert events “Yanaka Music Room” at Yanaka HAGISO. Recently, he composed gagaku music (ancient Japanese court music), and presented it at the Iwata Museum outdoor concert in Imabari City and many other places. He also creates performances with Kazumasa Teshigawara, as a music group called “The World”.

  • James Sutherland
    Playing: T.o.E.

    James Sutherland

    Actor and director from New Zealand. He studied in New Zealand Drama School, and has a master degree in Stage Production. He is the founder of CITA (International Centre for Theatre Arts) that is active primarily in Tokyo. War Knocking on My Window (South Korea), Kanadehon Chushingura (England), The Bag (South Korea), Albert Speer (New Zealand), Hole in the Roof (England), etc. are some of his recent works. He has acted, instructed and staged many plays in Colombia, Iran, South Korea, Japan, England, and New Zealand.

  • Asahi Yoshida
    Playing: the Scientist Asahi

    Asahi Yoshida

    Born in 1961, from Kyoto. He began theatre as soon as he entered Waseda University. He was a member of ZAZOUS Theatre, where he acted in almost all plays. After the breakup of the ZAZOUS group, he began to act in movies.
    Since 1989, he has participated in the performance group “TAICHI-KIKAKU” and performed in 21 countries. His main works are “Ghost Theater” (2015), “Rurouni Kenshin: The Legend Ends” (2014), “Platinum Data” (2013), and “Gaiji Keisatu” (2012).

  • Roza Tachibana
    Playing: the Scientist Rosa

    Roza Tachibana

    She is a bilingual actress from California who has graduated from UCLA with a major in Japanese Language. She trained in Urasenke, a major school of tea ceremony in Kyoto, for 1 year, and has learned about the Japanese culture through her 10 years of tea ceremony practice. She works as an actress in a variety of television shows, series and movies, and also as a model, narrator and translator. Other than the tea ceremony, she has experience in kimono dressing, calligraphy, ink wash painting, and aikido. The sushi she likes the most is yellow jack sushi.

  • Tabito Okayasu
    Playing: the Scientist Oyan

    Tabito Okayasu

    From Kanagawa Prefecture, born in September 9, 1986. He is one of the few actors in Japan that can do Parkour (a movement technique of French origin). He works in commercials, television series, and many other media. Main works: NTV “HIGH&LOW” (2015), Tokai TV “Wakaretara Suki na Hito [The One after a Breakup] ” (2015), CX “Detective versus Detectives” (2015), MBS “AGAIN!!” (2014).

  • Rikiya Koyama
    Dubbing: T.o.E.

    Voice Actor Rikiya Koyama

    Haiyuza Theater Group member. Born in Kyoto Prefecture, on December 18. He is known as the actor/dubbing artist who dubs the protagonist of the American series “24-TWENTY FOUR”. Not only has he dubbed roles of many foreign series and movies, but also TV cartoons (anime). “Case Closed” as Richard Moore, and “Fate/Zero” as Kiritsugu Emiya. In the Seiyu Awards 2011, he received the “Tomiyama Kei Prize” awarded to “a person of merit who has popularized dubbing the most in the respective year”.

Scientific advisor:
Hirosi Ooguri
Takashi Shimizu
Visual Director:
Synichi Yamamoto
James Sutherland, Asahi Yoshida, Roza Tachibana, Tabito Okayasu
Voice Actor:
Rikiya Koyama
Masanori Iuchi
Director of Photography:
Jun Fukumoto
Tokuju Ichikawa
Taro Ishida
Art Director:
Nori Fukuda
Set Designer:
Yoshinori Watanabe
Film Editing:
Yoshihiro Kanayama
CG/VFX Director:
Seiichi Sega
Motion Graphic Artist:
Yuuki Kawakami
S3D Supervisor:
Kenji Sakoda
Nobuaki Abe
Cosmological Simulation:
Takaaki Takeda
Particle Accelerator Collision:
Youko Kimura
Research & Development:
Kazuhiro Imamura
Fulldome Film Supervisor:
Hirotaka Nakayama
Sound Designer:
Masayuki Yamamoto
Sound Effects Designer:
Takashi Kaneko
Violin Performer:
Yasuhito Kawabe
Junko Nishio
Makeup Artist:
Mayuri Ogura
Stunt Rigging Coordinator:
Makoto Yokoyama
Executive Producers:
Nae Morita, Kontopoulos Dimitris, Mieko Hakkaku
Takehiro Tokushige
DI Producer:
Hiyoshi Mamada
Assistant Producer:
Emi Kimura
1st Assistant Director:
Yoshikazu Iki
Line Producer:
Tomoko Matsuura
Production Coordinator:
Tetsushi Onoyama
PR Director:
Naoko Imade
Stills Photographer:
Keiichi Kondo
Behind the Scenes Videographer:
Kaoru Imafuku, Yuta Sasaki
Website Production:
Yuta Kawasumi, Yoshimori Yoshikawa, Pierre-Henri Lavigne
Data Provided by:
The Illustris Collaboration, CERN
Image provided by:
Special Thanks:
Kavli Institute for the Physics and Mathematics of the Universe, California Institute of Technology
Production Cooperation:
Planning⋅Production and Copyright:
Miraikan (National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation)

Awarded at the IPS Fulldome Festival 2016 for the Best Educational Production Award


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Dome Theater GAIA

The dome-shaped theater features super high definition, 3D images by 2 high intensity 4K RGB laser projectors, “MEGASTAR-II cosmos” which can project 10million stars, and a 8.1 surround sound system. The diameter is 15 meters.



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