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As a general rule, creating a hyperlink to content which is presented on this site can be done freely. However, please contact the museum should you wish to provide such a link. Furthermore, we recommend that you create your hyperlink on the top page since there are cases where the pages might not be displayed properly and general notes necessary for proper usage might be missed when the links are set to pages in the midst of the site. In addition to this, please do not hyperlink directly to images and files at the end nor to links which display the contents of our site. (Our contents should not be displayed as part of a third party site nor should our content be displayed together with advertisements, etc.). Regarding banners, please feel free to use them as you download the image below.


The copyright to the text, images and plates, data, etc. used on this home page is the property of Miraikan or the Japan Science and Technology Agency unless otherwise clearly indicated, and any sale or use of such copyrighted material for profit-oriented purposes is prohibited. For non-commercial educational or instructional purposes, please feel free to use the material, with a credit (*). (We ask that you do not change or modify the images, however.) Please be aware that such use does not constitute a recommendation of the activities, etc. of any specific individual or organization by the National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation.

If you use an image, etc., we ask that you provide us with the finished product (a sample of the publication or the part where the image is included). (If you mail the sample, please address it to the National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation Public Relations Division Public Relations Group.)

*Example of credit: "Courtesy of National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation (Miraikan)" (If space is limited: "Courtesy of Miraikan" or "(c)Miraikan")

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