What is Miraikan ?


Miraikan is a place where we can understand the things happening in our world today from a scientific point of view, and have discussions while considering the future that awaits us.

In addition to exhibitions that provide people with a chance to enjoy hands-on contact with science and technology, Miraikan's colorful line-up of offerings includes experienced based classes, and talks. Visitors can experience the technological progress of today, from simple day-to-day questions, to the latest technologies, the global environment, space exploration and life science.

Founding Principle

We believe that science and technology are part of our culture. We provide an open forum for all to ponder and discuss the future roles of science and technology.

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The development of science and technology enriches life and helps us see challenges the Earth faces such as global warming and natural resources' limitations. For 10 billion people to live on planet Earth, we must face these global issues with a global perspective. Miraikan will continue to review and present the evolutionary role of science, and accumulate wisdom from each part of our culture, share and combine those with wisdoms from other cultures so that together, humans can develop global solutions, and create hope for the future.

Mamoru Mohri, Ph. D.
Chief Executive Director

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