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Our Museum Shop has a collection of science goods, original goods perfect for souvenirs, ASIMO goods, products related to space, earth and the environment, observation/experiment kits, and books on science. We also have a wide variety of products from overseas. This shop will become one of Miraikan's attractive sites. Please come visit.

Opening Hours 10:00 - 18:00
Closed Every Tuesday * Same as Miraikan's closed days
Location 1F
Tel +81-3-3529-5781 (Direct)

Miraikan's original goods

Miraikan Guidebook

miraikanguidebook This official guidebook offers a rich visual introduction to the permanent exhibitions at the National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation (Miraikan). Containing a large number of photographs and illustrations, as well as explanations about the main exhibits, it is the perfect item to commemorate your visit to the museum.

  • Price: 500 yen (inclusive tax)

Miraikan Notebook

34_ips.jpg Find the 'Why?',think about it, and do it.
This is a notebook for experiencing Miraikan's proposal for "a way of thinking to create the future" at Miraikan as well as in your everyday life.

  • Price: 324 yen (including tax)

Miraikan's Original Experiment Kit "Styrofoam Recycle Experiment Kit"

34_anaguraCD_jacket.jpg 2nd version of the "Experiment Kit" which enables you to experience the experiment program of the Science Workshop in Miraikan. How is used and collected styrofoam recycled? Through the experiment and explanations using an element found in orange peels, let's think about recycling methods and things we can do to protect the earth. (Target age: 10+) This kit is sold at the Museum Shop on the 1F of Miraikan.

  • Planning: Science Workshop, National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation
  • Product size: 86x86xH153, inside a paper box
  • Fixed price: 1,500 yen (including tax)
  • Target age: 10+
  • Fixed price: 1,543 yen (including tax)

Miraikan's Original Experiment Kit "DNA Extraction Kit"

34_happou_jikken.jpg The Science Workshop that conveys cutting-edge science and technology through communication and experiments has developed Miraikan's original experiment kit "DNA Extraction Kit" through their achievements and know-how.
In addition to the ability to extract DNA from food at home and school, the attached directions include information on the wonders of life. Enjoy the experience of authentic experimentation. (Target age: 10+) This kit is sold at the Museum Shop on the 1F of Miraikan.

  • Planning: Science Workshop, National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation
  • Product size:86x86xH153, inside a paper box
  • Target age: 10+
  • Price:1,543 yen (including tax)

"Euglena Cookies" - Original Product from "It's a Tasty World - Food Science, Now!"

34_midorimushi-box.jpg Kneaded into these cookies is euglena, which was introduced at the special exhibition "It's a Tasty World - Food Science, Now!" and is expected to become the food of the future. Each cookie contains about 200 million euglenas.
With a single box of five cookies, you can take in approximately one gram of euglena.

  • Price: 463 yen (including tax)

Original Photo Card Set of the Special Exhibition "It's a Tasty World - Food Science, Now!"

34_oishikutaberu.jpg The architect unit "assistant" that was in charge of the exhibition and space design has selected and edited photographs taken by photographer Kenshu Shintsubo! It is a photo card set that includes portions of the science content of the exhibit. This set includes 5 post cards.

  • Price: 1,080 yen (including tax)

BIRTHDAY Official Guide Book + Sound Track

34_BD.jpg It is a special package filled with the attraction of the 3D Image Program "BIRTHDAY." It is perfect for remembering the dynamic space experience at Dome Theater GAIA. It is also perfect as a "birthday gift" for yourself and to those who are important to you.

Official Guide Book

It includes the complete scenario (Japanese/English) of "BIRTHDAY" which introduces the story of cutting-edge science.Half of the side is a special poster where the overall 3D visual has been made into 2D.

Sound Track (CD)

Contains the original music of "BIRTHDAY" by the next generation artist INNER SCIENCE and the fully recomposed version of all music "BIRTHDAY Reprise." The unique sound and rhythm sophisticatedly intertwine with each other and creates a world of ambience... It is perfect to refer to it as the "soundtrack of the beginning of the universe."

  • CD total time: 41 min.
  • Poster size: A2 (vertical)
  • Sold by: Musicmine
  • Price: 2,160 yen (including tax)