Barrier-free Access at Miraikan

Barrier-free Access at Miraikan


Admission is free for holders of a physical disability certificate, rehabilitation certificate, or mental disability certificate in compliance with laws and regulations, and for their caregivers (one person per certificate holder). Please show your certificate at the entrance.

For wheelchair users

・Parking spaces for wheelchair users (two spaces in parking lot B1)
・Wheelchair rental service (four wheelchairs available)
・Wheelchair accessible elevators (all elevators)
・Accessible spacious toilets (all toilets except for those established inside the Miraikan Hall and exhibition spaces)
・Wheelchair accessible seating (Dome Theatre and Miraikan Hall)
・Wheelchair ramps (Oval Bridge on the 3rd floor)

For visitors with a visual or hearing impairment

・Digital notepad for written communication (information desk on the 3rd floor, etc.)
・Braille signs and blocks (1st floor)

For visitors with an infant

・Stroller rental service (four strollers available)
・Facilities for diaper changing (11 spots inside the museum)
・Nursing room (behind the café on the 5th floor)
・Drinking fountains (1st floor)


・Toilets for ostimates (toilets on the 1st floor)
・Accessible toilets (11 toilets in the museum)
・Urinals with handrails (in all men's toilets)

Multi-language services

・Multi-language labels (Japanese, English)
・Pamphlets (Japanese, English, Chinese, Korean)
・ Subtitles for exhibited movies


・AED (automated external defibrillator) (entrance and emergency exits on the 1st floor, entrances on the 3rd and 5th floors, exit of the Dome Theatre on the 7th floor)
・First aid room (1st floor)
・Multipurpose room (1st floor)