Search for the Earth Geo-Scope

This interactive board allows you to access various Earth observation data collected from domestic and international scientists and research institutes. Thirteen boards in different sizes will be aligned on the exhibition floor and you can search for information on the scale of the Earth with an easily operated touch panel. The content, regularly updated, covers areas such as seasonal changes in ecology, climate change, and the predicted future image of the Earth’s environment. Miraikan designed this exhibition to become a transmission point for data concerning the current status of the Earth.

The Arctic Tern Migration

The tern is a migratory bird that travels more than 10,000km from Greenland to the South Pole. By comparing the temperature of the oceans and the ecology of living things, probe into the mystery of how they can travel across such long distances.
[Data provided by: ARC-PIC.COM, Greenland Institute of Natural Resources]

Forest fires

Fires that are so massive that they surpass forests’ ability to recover can cause serious deforestation. Forest fires occur so frequently around the world that they are considered to contribute to global warming. The reason for this becomes clear through an observation of the regions and seasons in which the fires occur.
[Data provided by: Wataru Takeuchi (Instisute of Industrial Science, University of Tokyo)]

Future Projection, Air Temperature

Not only will an increase in the amount of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere lead to rising temperatures, it is also expected to cause severe climate change. Take a look at future temperature increases through the results of simulations based on current temperature data.
[Data provided by: JAMSTEC, AORI, NIES, MEXT]

World Earthquakes

The numerous earthquakes that take place around the world every day serve as clues for understanding the interior of the Earth. By studying the places where earthquakes occur, we will be able to gain an overview of the ecology of planet Earth.
[Data provided by: U. S. Geological Survey]

Theme Block

One way to start the Geo-Scope is to use the “Theme Block”. When the block is placed on the large size Geo-Scope, animation movie starts, then take you to story-related world maps. Having those items we see in our daily lives as a starting point, you will gradually expand your perspective to a global scale data.

“Human,” “bird,” “train,” “satellite,” and “cat fish” silhouettes are depicted.