Current and Future Events

Demonstrations and Workshops

Miraikan's Science Communicators offer a variety of special demonstrations and workshops. (Available every day on the Permanent Exhibition floors)

The symbol exhibit "Geo-Cosmos"

* "The Movements"

Based on the theme "Human Activities and Changes in Earth View," this screening traces the trajectory of human history through various forms of data related to the concept of "movement."
Time: 11:20 / 13:20 / 16:20
Length: Approximately 10 minutes

* "TSUNAGARI Feel the Earth "

Various "TSUNAGARI (connections)" among different elements on the earth that have an impact on one another such as the air, water, and life will be introduced.
Time: 10:20 / 12:20 / 14:15 / 15:15
Length: Approximately 15 minutes

* "World Processor Powered by Geo-Cosmos"

Created by Mr. Ingo Gunther, an artist who expresses his ideas by using the globe as a canvas, the "World Processor" is a project that illustrates various aspects of the Earth based on factual data.
Time: 12:15 ("Human Activities"), 10:15("Borders"), 15:20("Japan ≠ World Averages")
Length: Approx. 5 minutes

* Sorting out cities

This content themed on "cities" was produced by Ars Electronica Linz, an Austrian artist group, for projection on the Geo-Cosmos. It expresses various data about cities, such as the proportion of the city areas to the land area of the earth, population of the cities, transfer of people and global resources, on the globe-like display.
Time: 11:15 / 13:15 / 16:15
Length: Approx. 5 minutes

* 8 minutes about happiness

The theme of this program is "energy," which is the foundation of our happiness. (offerd in Japanese.)
Time: 14:15
Length: Approx. 8 minutes

3F "Create your future"

* ASIMO Demonstration

Introducing ASIMO, a Humanoid Robot. Let's imagine a future society in which we live alongside robots.
Time: 11:00, 14:00, 16:00
Length: Approximately 10 minutes

During the following period, the demonstration of the humanoid robot ASIMO will be conducted in the Symbol Zone on the first floor.
Wednesday, December 16, 2015 - Monday, April 18, 2016

* Otonaroid (Android) Demonstration

What is an android? What is the difference between a human and an android? We will discuss this issue with a very human-like robot, Otonaroid, at the android exhibition space.
Time(Sat., Sun. and Holidays):11:30, 14:30
Length: Approximately 10 minutes

* Superconductivity Demonstration

In addition to a levitation demonstration utilizing the phenomenon of superconductivity, our Science Communicators will give you a glimpse of the possibilities of superconductivity.
Time(Weekdays): 13:00
Time(Sat., Sun. and Holidays): 13:00, 16:30
Length: Approximately 15 minutes

* Workshop: "A Hands-on Model of the Internet"

Come learn about how information is transmitted over the Internet through simple explanations using white and black balls. *Reservations required: Please pick up a reservation ticket in front of the 3F "A Hands-on Model of the Internet."
Time(Weekdays): 13:20 , 14:20
Time(Sat., Sun. and Holidays): 13:15 , 14:15 , 15:15
Length: Approximately 20 minutes

* Workshop "Can You Protect Information?"

This is the advanced version of the workshop on "A Hands-on Model of the Internet" Learn and think about how to send information while keeping it safe from prying eyes.
Time(Weekdays): 11:20
Time(Sat., Sun. and Holidays): 11:15
Length: Approximately 20 minutes



Science Communicators will drive the UNI-CUB, the new personal mobility device which has neither steering wheel nor an accelerator.(Permanent Exhibition floors)
Time: 10:00, 16:00
Length: Approximately 60 minutes

5F "Explore the frontiers"

* Science Mini Talk

Our Science Communicators and volunteers will introduce the latest scientific topics in an understandable way.
Time: 11:30, 12:30, 13:30, 14:30, 15:30
Length: Approximately 15 minutes

5F VR Theater

* "4D2U Search for Extraterrestrial Life" (Stereoscopic Movie)

This movie, produced under the Four-Dimensional Digital Universe (4D2U) project by the National Astronomical Observatory of Japan (NAOJ), allows you to travel through space and explore the possibility of the existence of extraterrestrial life and what kinds of environments such life could possibly exist in. *Seating reservations are required. Please ask for a reservation ticket at the help desk on the 5th floor.
Time(Weekdays): 11:20, 13:20, 15:20
Time(Sat., Sun. and Holidays): 11:20, 13:20, 14:20, 15:20
Length: Approximately 20 minutes

Demonstrations are subject to change of venue or time or cancellation. We ask for your understanding.