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The profiles of the latest scientists who guide exploration of time =navigators, and of young artists, and designers = crews

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Cognitive science
Makoto Ichikawa Makoto Ichikawa/
Research Institute for Time Studies (RITS), Yamaguchi Univ.
Experimental Psychologist. He is studying the human perception and cognition.
His present research interest is how we experience time and space in the visual and auditory perceptions.

Life science、Time Studies
ShinIchi T. Inouye

ShinIchi T. Inouye/Professor of Biology and Director,
Research Institute for Time Studies, Yamaguchi University,
I took a graduate course in theoretical physics and then
started a neurophysiologicalresearch to understand the
brain mechanism of the biological rhythm.Together with
many eminent researchers in the world, my colleagues
and I fortunatelycome to identify the suprachiasmatic
nucleus asthe
site of the biological clock in mammals.
I always enjoy working with people with different

Life science
Kenji Tomioka Kenji Tomioka/ Professor, Research Institute for Time Studies and Faculty of Science, Yamaguchi University.
My laboratory investigates the cellular/molecular basis of timekeeping mechanism in multi-oscillator systems, using crickets and Drosophila as model systems. Our overall strategy is to identify components involved and
their interaction. We are also interested in what kind of role the circadian clock plays in insect photoperiodic timemeasurement, through which insects anticipate the seasonal change. 

Astronomy, Physics
Kenta Fujisawa Kenta Fujisawa/Dr. Kenta Fujisawa/Research Institute for Time Studies, Faculty of Science, Yamaguchi University.
Born in 1967, he is an expert of radio astronomy, radio telescopy, VLBI. He is recording radiowaves emitted from the many different planet types found in the galaxy (e.g. a planet that has complete different time frame due to tremendous gravity and its spinning speeds, a planet with a spin more stable and accurate than an atomic clock). Since his daily life is not as predictable as the planets, he is interested in measuring planetary time as accurately as possible.

Astronomy, Physics
Tomoya NAGAI Tomoya NAGAI / MeSci
Birth: 1971He received the Ph.D. degree in science from the University of Tokyo. His speciality is theoretical astronomy. He joined the division of theoretical astrophysics, the National Astronomical Observatory of Japan. He has done theoretical research of star formation process.He is a member of the Young Astronauts Club of Japan, the Japan Association for Hands-On Universe, and the LIVE! UNIVERSE, etc.Also, he is a junior session organizer of the Astronomical Society of Japan and the head of the Kanto branch of the Society for Teaching and Popularization of Astronomy, etc. His writings: "Supposing the earth is a 100cm ball" (Sekai Bunka Publishing Inc.).
Scientific Navigators
Makoto Ichikawa

Shin-Ichi T. Inouye
Kenji Tomioka
Kenta Fujisawa
Tomoya Nagai

Creative Crews
Shin Akiyama
Takeshi Ishiguro
Toshio IWAI
Hisato Ogata
+ Rieko Miyata

Ryouta Kuwakubo
Kashiwa Sato
Takuya Shimada
Yasuhiro Suzuki
Kohji Setoh
Tanaka Haluaki
+ Yoko Ogawa

Tomato Interactive
Ben Nagaoka
Yoshiaki Nishimura
Fukuda Kei

Web Crews
Takayuki Ohyama
Hitoshi Okazaki
Hisato Ogata
+ Rieko Miyata
Toshiyuki Nagashima
Takehiro Hagiwara
Yu yamanaka
Tsutomu Yamamoto