Songs of ANAGURA Missing of Researchers & their remaining Devices


Anagura is a place where research was conducted on spatial information science.

It is a research laboratory for sharing people's information and turning the connections into a powerful force for humankind.
In Anagura, with reference to spatial information science at the beginning of the twenty-first century, the researchers discovered five important technologies and in 2011 built five experimental devices.
Then, 1,000 years later . . .
This Anagura is now on the third floor of Miraikan. Let us introduce this world to you.
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Spatial information science is the science of measuring the behavior of people and objects in the real space that we live in, calculating and understanding the results, and thereby supporting people's lives. In other words, it involves creating a digital copy of the world, anticipating what will happen next in this world, and preparing in advance the information that people desire, thereby avoiding problems that easily occur. The more information provided by people, the more substantial are the results. You will surely sense that when spatial information science permeates society, the world will know you, protect you, embrace you, and support you.

Inside Anagura

Let's take a little peek inside Anagura.
An Outline of Anagura
  • The Story of Anagura
  • The Characters Appearing in Anagura
Easy-to-Understand Spatial Information Science
  • From the materials of the researchers